Venus De Mars Wikipedia, Net Worth, Wiki, Height, Age, House, Career, Relationship

Read here about Venus De Mars Wikipedia, Net Worth, Wiki, Height, Age, House, Career, Relationship and more.

Venus De Mars: A Transcendent Force in Music, Art, and Identity

Venus De Mars Wikipedia, Net Worth, Wiki, Height, Age, House, Career, Relationship
Venus De Mars Wikipedia, Net Worth, Wiki, Height, Age, House, Career, Relationship

Venus De Mars Wikipedia, Net Worth, Wiki, Height, Age, House, Career, Relationship

Venus De Mars, an icon celebrated for her unique contributions to music and art, stands as a beacon of resilience and creativity. As a transgender musician, visual artist, and performer, her journey unfolds, not just as a testament to her musical talents, but as an inspiring exploration of personal and professional challenges.

Unveiling the Enigma – Venus De Mars

Real Name, Age, and Net Worth

Venus De Mars, born as Venus DeMars on January 11, 1960, in Duluth, Minnesota, carries a rich identity. At 63 years old, she is the creative force behind the glam-punk band “Venus de Mars & All The Pretty Horses.” Her estimated net worth of $200,000 reflects the recognition of her artistic contributions.

Identity and Relationships

As a transgender individual, Venus De Mars embraces her true identity, a journey spanning three decades. In 1983, she married Lynette Reini-Grandell, a poet and writer, who stands as a steadfast pillar of support in Venus’s life.

Venus De Mars: A Musical Odyssey

Early Influences and Band Formation

Venus’s musical journey began at the age of 10 when she first picked up a guitar. The formation of “Venus de Mars & All The Pretty Horses” marked a pivotal moment, showcasing her musical prowess. The debut album in 1984 under her birth name, Steven Grandell, set the stage for her enduring legacy.

Despite facing legal challenges, particularly against the Minnesota Department of Revenue, Venus and Lynette triumphed in 2014, reinforcing her commitment to her craft and artistic identity.

A Multi-Talented Artistry Beyond Music

Diverse Artistic Skills

Venus De Mars transcends the boundaries of music, exhibiting a diverse range of artistic talents. From filmmaking to animation, visual art, painting, printmaking, installations, and sculpture, her multifaceted approach reflects her commitment to artistic expression.

Educational Journey and Dropout

While specific details about her educational journey remain elusive, Venus mentioned completing high school studies and pursuing further studies in college before eventually choosing a different path in music and art.

Venus De Mars: Career Highlights and Achievements

Evolution as an Artist

Venus De Mars’s career unfolds as a rich tapestry of musical achievements. From her early days with All The Pretty Horses to the release of her latest album in 2022, she consistently evolves as an artist. Her two memoirs provide an intimate look into her personal life.

Financial Triumph and Net Worth

While facing financial challenges, Venus De Mars’s dedication to her craft remained unwavering. Earning over $20,000 per year proved challenging until 2014, and her estimated net worth stands at $200,000, a testament to her artistic contributions and resilience.

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In Conclusion

Venus De Mars’s journey goes beyond the conventional boundaries of artistry, encompassing music, visual arts, and a courageous exploration of identity. Her story serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists and individuals navigating the complexities of self-discovery. Through triumphs and tribulations, Venus De Mars continues to leave an indelible mark on the artistic landscape, reminding us that true artistry knows no bounds.


  • Who is Venus DeMars? Venus DeMars is a Minneapolis-based transgender musician, visual artist, and performer. She is the founder and leader of the glam-punk band Venus de Mars & All The Pretty Horses.
  • When did Venus DeMars come out as transgender? Venus DeMars came out as transgender after a journey that spanned 30 years, embracing her true identity and overcoming challenges associated with her gender.
  • Who is Venus DeMars married to? Venus DeMars is married to Lynette Reini-Grandell, a poet and writer. They got married in 1983, prior to Venus coming out as transgender.

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