Susan Wood Duncan: Unveiling the Resilient Journey of a Renowned New Zealand TV News Presenter

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Dive into the captivating life of Susan Wood Duncan, a prominent TV news presenter from New Zealand, celebrated for her engaging journalism. This article explores various facets of Susan’s life, including her career achievements, personal triumphs, and debunks recent rumors surrounding her supposed demise.

Who Is Susan Wood Duncan?

Susan Wood Duncan, hailing from Westfield, NJ, attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she originated the role of Sandy in the 1994 Broadway revival of “Grease.” Beyond her Broadway success, Susan’s journey led her to Los Angeles, where she met her husband, actor Christopher B. Duncan, while appearing on “The Jamie Foxx Show.” The couple shares three beautiful children, actress Charlie Ann Duncan, actor Miles Duncan, and actor Brock Duncan.

Susan Wood Duncan Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born in New Zealand, Susan inherited her passion for journalism from her father, Alex Wood, the chief reporter of the now-defunct Auckland Star. Commencing her career in 1979 as a print reporter, she later transitioned to The New Zealand Herald, specializing as a court and police reporter.

Susan Wood Duncan TVNZ Journey

In 1985, Susan joined TVNZ as a journalist, marking the beginning of a remarkable chapter in her career. Over the years, she has been a constant presence, presenting shows like “Q&A” and “Newstalk ZB,” solidifying her status as a respected figure in New Zealand journalism.

Susan Wood Duncan Personal Triumphs and Challenges

Susan Wood faced a significant challenge in 2015 when she suffered a brain injury after a home accident. Despite the adversity, her resilience led to a full recovery, showcasing her strength.

Debunking Death Hoax

Recent online rumors about Susan Wood’s death have caused panic among fans. It’s crucial to clarify that these rumors are baseless, and Susan is alive. Any information suggesting otherwise should be disregarded.

Family and Relationships

Susan was previously married to Duncan Beck, with whom she has two sons. The couple divorced in 1996. Details about her recent relationships remain private, reflecting Susan’s commitment to a dignified stance.

Susan Wood Duncan Current Status and Ongoing Legacy

As of now, Susan Wood continues to contribute to the media industry, dispelling speculations about her departure. Her enduring legacy as a seasoned journalist and her ability to overcome challenges make her a role model.

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Susan Wood Duncan’s journey is one of resilience, professionalism, and personal triumphs. From her early days as a print reporter to becoming a stalwart figure at TVNZ, she has navigated challenges with grace. The recent death rumors emphasize the importance of verifying information. Susan Wood remains an influential and inspiring personality in New Zealand journalism.


  1. What is Susan Wood known for in her career? Susan Wood is known for her role as a TV news presenter, particularly for her work with TVNZ (Television New Zealand). She has contributed significantly to the media industry in New Zealand.
  2. Who played Cameron on the Jamie Foxx Show? The character Cameron “Cam” Caldwell on “The Jamie Foxx Show” was played by actor Bentley Kyle Evans.
  3. When did “The Jamie Foxx Show” originally air? “The Jamie Foxx Show” premiered on August 28, 1996, and concluded on January 14, 2001. It ran for five seasons.
  4. Is Susan Wood related to Alex Wood? Yes, Susan Wood is the daughter of Alex Wood, who was the chief reporter of the now-defunct Auckland Star.
  5. How many children does Susan Wood have? Susan Wood has two sons from her previous marriage.

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