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Sarah Kate Ellis Bio

  • Full Name: Sarah Kate Ellis
  • Birth Year: 1971
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of Birth: Staten Island, New York
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Women’s Studies from Russell Sage College
  • Current Position: President and CEO of GLAAD since 2014
  • Family: Married to Kristen Henderson, two children
  • Book Authored: “Yes Means Yes: How Young Americans Are Winning the Sexual Revolution”

Sarah Kate Ellis Early Life and Education

Sarah Kate Ellis: Advocate for LGBTQ Equality - Wiki, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Salary, Bio, Instagram
Sarah Kate Ellis: Advocate for LGBTQ Equality – Wiki, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Salary, Bio, Instagram

Sarah Kate Ellis was born in 1971 on Staten Island, New York, into a supportive family. Raised by her parents Barbara and Ken Ellis, alongside her older brother Spencer, she cultivated the values that would shape her future. Ellis pursued higher education at Russell Sage College, graduating with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Women’s Studies, setting the stage for her future endeavors.

Sarah Kate Ellis Media Career and Recognition

Embarking on her professional journey, Ellis made an early mark in the media world. She commenced her career at Condé Nast, contributing to the relaunch of House & Garden magazine. Her leadership roles at Vogue, InStyle, New York, and Martini Media showcased her innovation and earned her recognition, including seven MIN Awards for marketing innovation, two President’s Awards, and MIN’s Sales Executive Team of the Year award in 2012.

Sarah Kate Ellis GLAAD Leadership

In 2014, Ellis assumed the pivotal role of President and CEO of GLAAD, a moment that marked a turning point in LGBTQ advocacy. Under her guidance, GLAAD underwent a transformative journey, expanding its influence and working collaboratively with media companies globally. Ellis prioritized fair and accurate representation of the LGBTQ community, launching impactful campaigns like #GLAADawards and the Trans Representation Project.

Sarah Kate Ellis Advocacy and Impact

Beyond her executive role, Sarah Kate Ellis emerged as a vocal advocate for LGBTQ equality. Her appearances on major media platforms and contributions to publications like The New York Times and Vanity Fair established her as a thought leader. The creation of the GLAAD Media Institute further demonstrated her commitment to empowering LGBTQ activists worldwide.

Sarah Kate Ellis Personal Life and Values

Sarah Kate Ellis is an openly lesbian individual, sharing her life with spouse Kristen Henderson and their two children. She consistently emphasizes the significance of family in her life and acknowledges their support in her professional journey. Respecting her privacy, this section focuses on details she has chosen to share publicly, reinforcing the importance of a balanced narrative.

Sarah Kate Ellis Professional Relationships

As a key player in LGBTQ advocacy, Ellis collaborates with media companies, celebrities, and activists to advance the cause. Her work transcends GLAAD, extending to her roles on the boards of the National Black Justice Coalition and the Trevor Project. These relationships underscore her commitment to fostering inclusive environments beyond the boundaries of her official role.

Sarah Kate Ellis GLAAD Media Institute

A testament to Ellis’s forward-thinking approach is the establishment of the GLAAD Media Institute. This initiative trains LGBTQ activists globally, creating a network of empowered individuals equipped to effect positive change. The institute stands as a tangible embodiment of Ellis’s commitment to the long-term impact of advocacy.

Sarah Kate Ellis Challenges and Controversies

In her journey, Sarah Kate Ellis has navigated challenges inherent in advocacy and media leadership. While controversies may arise in any prominent position, Ellis’s focus remains on advancing the cause of LGBTQ equality. Acknowledging challenges allows for a holistic understanding of her resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

Sarah Kate Ellis Author and Thought Leader

In addition to her advocacy work, Ellis has penned the book “Yes Means Yes: How Young Americans Are Winning the Sexual Revolution.” This publication serves as an extension of her commitment to social justice and gender equality, offering insights into her perspectives on these critical issues.

Sarah Kate Ellis Social Media Presence

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Sarah Kate Ellis’s journey is one of resilience, leadership, and unwavering dedication to LGBTQ advocacy. As a media executive, thought leader, and author, she has shaped narratives, broken barriers, and empowered generations. Through GLAAD and beyond, Ellis has become a symbol of progress, fostering a more accepting and inclusive world. Her story inspires us to strive for positive change, emphasizing the importance of representation and equality for all.


Who is Sarah Kate Ellis? Sarah Kate Ellis is an American media executive, journalist, and author known for her role as the President and CEO of GLAAD, a prominent LGBTQ media advocacy organization.

When did Sarah Kate Ellis become the President and CEO of GLAAD? Sarah Kate Ellis was appointed as the President and CEO of GLAAD in 2014.

Is Sarah Kate Ellis an author? Yes, she is the author of the book “Yes Means Yes: How Young Americans Are Winning the Sexual Revolution.”

Who is Sarah Kate Ellis married to? Sarah Kate Ellis is married to Kristen Henderson.

What is Sarah Kate Ellis’s stance on LGBTQ issues? Sarah Kate Ellis is a vocal advocate for LGBTQ equality, frequently speaking on major media platforms and contributing to publications on LGBTQ-related topics.

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