Robin Thicke’s Love Story: Marriage, Music, and Family

Explore the enchanting love story of American singer Robin Thicke and model April Love Geary. From Thicke’s musical journey to their private wedding in 2019, delve into a relationship marked by love, resilience, and a growing family. Discover the couple’s adventures, public displays of affection, and the secrets to their enduring commitment. Join us on a journey through the life of Robin Thicke and April Love Geary, where music, love, and family intertwine.

Robin Thicke, the acclaimed American singer, songwriter, and record producer, has left an indelible mark on the music industry with hits like “Blurred Lines.” Let’s delve into his journey, marriage to model April Love Geary, and the beautiful family they’ve built together.

Who is Robin Thicke?

Robin Alan Thicke, born on March 10, 1977, stands as a prominent figure in contemporary R&B. The son of actor Alan Thicke and actress Gloria Loring, Thicke showcased his musical prowess early on, playing the piano at three and singing at seven. Despite starting with film scoring at USC, his passion for music led him to pursue a career that has seen remarkable success.

Robin Thicke’s Career Highlights

Thicke’s debut album, “A Beautiful World” (2000), marked the beginning of a golden journey, featuring hits like “When I Get You Alone” and “Lost Without U.” Subsequent albums, such as “The Evolution of Robin Thicke” (2003) and “Something Else” (2006), solidified his critical and commercial acclaim. However, it was the 2013 mega-hit “Blurred Lines” that catapulted him to unprecedented heights, earning him multiple Grammy nominations and achieving 6x platinum status.

Robin Thicke’s Collaborations and Accolades

Beyond solo success, Thicke collaborated with top artists like Nicki Minaj, T.I., and Christina Aguilera, earning him two American Music Awards and additional Grammy nominations. His influence extended to producing for renowned names like Celine Dion, Brandy, and Usher.

Robin Thicke’s Personal Life

In 2014, Robin Thicke took a significant step in his personal life by marrying model April Love Geary. The couple now shares four beautiful children: Mia Love, Lola Alain, Luca Patrick, and Julian Fuego from Thicke’s previous marriage to Paula Patton.

Robin Thicke’s Marriage to April Love Geary

Robin Thicke and April Love Geary tied the knot in a private ceremony in July 2019, solidifying their love story that began in 2014 at a Los Angeles party. Their relationship is a blend of shared passions and deep connections.

Details of Their Relationship

  1. Supportive Partners: Geary is Thicke’s “biggest fan,” emphasizing the unwavering support in their relationship. Thicke, in turn, takes pride in Geary’s achievements.
  2. Travel Enthusiasts: The couple enjoys exploring the world together, reflecting their shared love for adventure in destinations like the Maldives, Turks and Caicos, and St. Barts.
  3. Family-Oriented: Prioritizing family time, Thicke and Geary frequently enjoy outings with their children, showcasing their commitment to a strong family unit.

Robin Thicke’s Public Displays of Affection

Thicke and Geary frequently share sweet moments on social media, emphasizing their genuine and enduring love. Geary’s Instagram posts, like one capturing Thicke kissing her forehead, reflect the authenticity of their relationship.

Robin Thicke’s Partner and Relationship Timeline

Robin Thicke’s partner is model April Love Geary. Their relationship timeline showcases the growth and commitment they’ve shared over the years.

  • 2014: Thicke and Geary meet at a Los Angeles party, marking the beginning of their journey.
  • 2015: The couple makes their first public appearance together, solidifying their status.
  • 2018: Thicke and Geary announce their engagement, a significant step in their relationship.
  • 2019: A private ceremony in Los Angeles seals their union, celebrating their love with family and friends.
  • 2020: The couple welcomes their third child, Luca Patrick, adding to the joy of their growing family.

Challenges and Resilience

Despite public scrutiny and criticism, Thicke and Geary have weathered challenges, demonstrating resilience and commitment to their relationship. Their ability to overcome obstacles has only strengthened their bond.

In Conclusion

In summary, Robin Thicke and April Love Geary’s relationship is a testament to love, support, and enduring commitment. As they navigate life together, they continue to inspire others with their genuine connection and dedication to each other and their family. May their journey be filled with continued happiness and success.


Who is Robin Thicke’s new wife? Robin Thicke’s current wife is April Love Geary. They got married in July 2019.

Who is Robin Thicke in a relationship with? Robin Thicke is currently in a relationship with model April Love Geary. They have been together since 2014.

How many kids does Robin Thicke have with his wife? Robin Thicke has one child with his ex-wife, actress Paula Patton. They have a son named Julian Fuego, born in April 2010.

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