Peter Facinelli: Unveiling His Relationships, Marriage, and Dating History

Peter Facinelli is more than just a familiar face on the silver screen; his personal life is equally captivating. In this article, we will explore the intriguing world of Peter Facinelli’s relationships, marriage, and dating journey.

Peter Facinelli’s Current Relationship

Peter Facinelli Current Relationship

At present, Peter Facinelli is in a loving relationship with the talented actress, Lily Anne Harrison. Their enchanting love story commenced in 2016 and has since grown stronger. A significant milestone in their journey was reached in January 2020 during a romantic Mexican getaway when Peter proposed to Lily. To add to the joy, the couple welcomed their first child together, a son named Jack Cooper, in September 2022.

A Heartwarming Bond

Peter and Lily’s relationship is heartwarming, showcasing the depth of their connection. While there is no set wedding date, they are in no hurry, focusing on nurturing their son and relishing their engagement. In Peter’s words, he considers himself married to Lily, even without the legal paperwork, as they function as a remarkable team.

Peter Facinelli’s Previous Relationships

Before his engagement to Lily Anne Harrison, Peter Facinelli had significant relationships that left a mark on his heart.

Jaimie Alexander: A Crucial Chapter

One of the most significant relationships was with actress Jaimie Alexander. They were a couple from 2012 to 2016 and even shared an engagement that lasted nearly a year. While their romance eventually concluded, it was a pivotal chapter in Peter’s love life.

A Decade-Long Marriage

However, the most noteworthy relationship in Peter Facinelli’s past was his marriage to actress Jennie Garth. Their union lasted from 2001 to 2013, spanning over a decade. The couple’s marriage blessed them with three beautiful daughters: Luca Bella, Lola Ray, and Fiona Eve. Despite their separation and subsequent divorce in 2013, Peter and Jennie have remained devoted parents to their children.

Peter Facinelli Relationship Timeline

Let’s delve deeper into the timeline of Peter Facinelli’s significant relationships:

  • 2001: Peter Facinelli ties the knot with Jennie Garth, marking the beginning of a decade-long marriage journey.
  • 2012: Peter and Jennie decide to separate, signifying the end of their marriage.
  • 2012-2016: Peter Facinelli is in a relationship with actress Jaimie Alexander, and they even become engaged during this time.
  • 2016: Peter Facinelli embarks on a new chapter in his life by dating actress Lily Anne Harrison.
  • 2020: Peter Facinelli and Lily Anne Harrison take a significant step by getting engaged.
  • 2022: The couple joyfully welcomes their first child together, a son named Jack Cooper, who becomes part of their blended family.

Peter Facinelli has openly expressed his contentment in his relationship with Lily Anne Harrison and has expressed gratitude for the blended family they’ve created, which includes his children from previous relationships.


In conclusion, Peter Facinelli’s journey through relationships is a tale of love, growth, and fresh beginnings. His engagement to Lily Anne Harrison symbolizes the beginning of a beautiful new chapter in his life, and he remains thankful for the family he has formed, encompassing his children from previous relationships. It’s a heartwarming story of love, resilience, and the joy of starting anew. Peter Facinelli’s life is a testament to the belief that love and happiness can be found even after challenging times, and he has unquestionably discovered it in his relationship with Lily Anne Harrison.


Is Peter Facinelli still married? Peter Facinelli is presently engaged, not married.

Does Peter Facinelli have a wife? Peter Facinelli is engaged to actress Lily Anne Harrison.

Who did Peter Facinelli have a baby with? Peter Facinelli had a baby with Lily Anne Harrison, and together they welcomed a son named Jack Cooper.

Does Peter Facinelli have children? Yes, Peter Facinelli has children. He has three daughters from his previous marriage to actress Jennie Garth: Luca Bella, Lola Ray, and Fiona Eve.

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