Mira Pak Ethnicity, Age, Wikipedia, Husband, Kids, Children, Net Worth

Read here about Mira Pak Ethnicity, Age, Wikipedia, Husband, Kids, Children, Net Worth, Instagram and more.

Mira Pak: Ethnicity, Wikipedia, Husband, Age, Instagram, Kids, Children, Net Worth

Mira Pak Bio

  • Full Name: Miranda Pak
  • Age: 46 years old
  • Date of Birth: 1977
  • Ethnicity: Asian-American
  • Education Qualification: Graduated from New York University
  • Nationality: Canadian-American
  • Marriage: Married Terrence Howard in 2013, divorced in 2014, remarried in 2018
  • Birthplace: California, United States of America

Mira Pak Early Life

Miranda Pak was born in California, USA, in 1977. While details about her family background remain undisclosed, Miranda’s upbringing evidently provided her with the support to pursue her dreams.

Mira Pak Education Qualification

After completing high school, Miranda pursued further studies at New York University, laying the foundation for her future career in modeling.

Mira Pak Family Background

While Miranda keeps her family life private, it’s clear that she values the support of her loved ones, which likely contributed to her success.

Mira Pak Relationship

Miranda’s most notable relationship was with actor Terrence Howard. They married in 2013, faced challenges leading to divorce in 2014, but remarried in 2018. They share two children: Hero Howard and Qirin Love.

Mira Pak Measurements

  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)
  • Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
  • Body Measurements: 34-24-35 inches
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Hair Color: Dark brown
  • Shoe Size: 6 (US)

Mira Pak Net Worth

Miranda Pak’s net worth is estimated at $5 million, stemming from her modeling career and entrepreneurship ventures.

Mira Pak Career

Miranda’s career journey includes success in modeling and entrepreneurship, notably founding a restaurant called Shabu Shabu Bar in California.

Mira Pak Facts About

  • Born in California, USA, in 1977.
  • Educated at New York University.
  • Marriage to Terrence Howard garnered media attention.
  • Despite divorce, co-parents children with Howard.
  • Net worth estimated at $5 million.

Mira Pak Social Media Accounts


Miranda Pak’s journey exemplifies resilience and determination. Despite personal challenges, she emerged as a successful model and entrepreneur, inspiring others to pursue their passions.


  • What happened to Terrence Howard’s wife? Miranda Pak divorced Terrence Howard in 2014, but they remarried in 2018.
  • How long has Terrence Howard been married to Miranda Pak? Initially married in 2013, divorced in 2014, and remarried in 2018.
  • How many children do Terrence Howard and Miranda Pak have together? They have two children: Hero Howard and Qirin Love.
  • What is Miranda Pak’s net worth? Estimated at $5 million.
  • What is Miranda Pak’s ethnicity? Asian-American.

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