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Michelle Triola: A Life Beyond the Spotlight

Michelle Triola Early Life

Michelle Marie Triola, born on November 13, 1932, in Los Angeles, California, was more than just an actor, singer, and dancer. Her journey, unfolding from early days to legal battles and personal struggles, goes beyond the glitz of Hollywood.

  • Famous As: Actress
  • Born: November 13, 1932, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Died: October 30, 2009, Malibu, California, USA
  • Age at Death: 76
  • Spouse/Ex: Skip Ward (m. 1961–1962)
  • Partner: Lee Marvin (1965–1970), Dick Van Dyke (1976–2009; Her Death)
  • Siblings: Diane Triola Johnson
  • Died of: Lung Cancer

Michelle Triola Early Life

Michelle, a theater arts graduate from the ‘University of California, Los Angeles,’ began her career as a singer in 1950s nightclubs. Her recognition soared while performing at a Sunset Strip club owned by Jerry Lewis. Broadway beckoned, and she danced into the limelight in the 1958 production of ‘Flower Drum Song.’

Michelle Triola Career

Triola’s Hollywood journey included roles in the 1965 movie ‘Ship of Fools’ and the 1968 film ‘The Lustful Turk.’ After her 1970 separation from Lee Marvin, her career faced setbacks. Despite efforts, success eluded her, leading to work at a PR organization. A 2001 appearance in ‘Diagnosis Murder’ marked her return.

Michelle Triola Family

Michelle married Skip Ward in 1961, but their union ended within a year. Her relationship with Lee Marvin, starting in 1964, led to a bitter 1970 separation. Despite complexities, Michelle cohabited with Dick Van Dyke from 1976 until her death in 2009.

The Marvin vs. Marvin Lawsuit

The turning point came with the ‘Marvin v. Marvin’ lawsuit. After Marvin’s financial support post-eviction in 1970, Michelle filed the landmark palimony case in 1972, claiming $1.8 million. The 1979 ruling instructed Marvin to pay $104,000, setting a precedent for palimony claims.


Michelle Triola’s life resonates as a testament to evolving relationship dynamics. Her journey, marked by highs and lows, extends beyond Hollywood glitz. From her artistic pursuits to courtroom drama, she leaves a compelling narrative, symbolizing resilience and legal transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who was Michelle Triola, and why is she known?

  • Michelle Triola was an American actor, singer, and dancer known for her role in the landmark lawsuit ‘Marvin v. Marvin,’ shaping family law and introducing the term “palimony.”

2. What was Michelle Triola’s early life and career like?

  • Michelle, a UCLA theater arts graduate, began her journey as a singer, gaining recognition in nightclubs and later performing on Broadway. Her Hollywood roles include ‘Ship of Fools’ and ‘The Lustful Turk.’

3. How did Michelle Triola meet Lee Marvin?

  • Michelle met Lee Marvin in 1964 while serving as a stand-in on the set of ‘Ship of Fools.’ They began dating, eventually living together in Marvin’s Malibu home in 1965.

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