Liz Golyar Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Husband, Family, Net Worth

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Liz Golyar: Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Family, Husband, Height, Net Worth

Full Name

Shanna Elizabeth “Liz” Golyar


48 years old

Birth Date

June 28, 1975

Birth Place

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Marital Status



Raymond Nycz


Dave Kroupa



Eye Color


Hair Color

Dark Brown


5 feet 6 inches


58 kg

Net Worth


Who is Liz Golyar?

Liz Golyar gained notoriety for committing one of the most bizarre and heinous crimes in recent memory. She murdered her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend, Carrie Farver, and embarked on a chilling three-year-long impersonation scheme, utilizing text messages, emails, and social media to masquerade as her victim. This macabre tale delves into the life and actions of Liz Golyar, a woman driven by jealousy to commit deceit, stalking, and ultimately, murder.

Early Life and Family

Liz Golyar was born on June 28, 1975, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her tumultuous upbringing was marked by tragedy and instability. Her parents, hailing from Jamaica, struggled with issues of custody and allegations of inappropriate behavior. Tragically, her mother passed away in a car accident when Liz was just three years old, leaving her father to cope with his own demons. Liz spent her formative years in Omaha, Nebraska, where she attended Millard South High School amidst a backdrop of familial strife and foster care.

The Murder of Carrie Farver

Carrie Farver, a single mother and computer programmer, crossed paths with Liz’s ex-boyfriend, Dave Krupa, in 2012. Liz, consumed by jealousy and paranoia, saw Carrie as a threat to her relationship with Krupa. On November 13, 2012, Liz fatally stabbed Carrie in her car outside Krupa’s apartment. The body was never found, and Liz meticulously orchestrated a campaign of impersonation, sending hundreds of messages to Krupa, Farver’s family, and even herself, all under the guise of Carrie Farver.

Arrest and Conviction

Liz Golyar’s web of lies began to unravel in 2015, when authorities revisited the Carrie Farver case. Detectives uncovered evidence of Golyar’s deception, including fabricated texts and online profiles. In December 2016, she was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and second-degree arson. Her reign of terror, fueled by jealousy and obsession, had finally come to an end.

Personal Life and Relationships

Liz Golyar’s personal life was marked by tumultuous relationships and erratic behavior. She was married and divorced at a young age, with two children from her previous marriage. Over the years, she engaged in a series of failed romances, including a brief relationship with Dave Krupa, which ultimately ended in tragedy.

Net Worth

Despite her criminal acts, Liz Golyar’s net worth is estimated to be around $500K. Before her incarceration, she worked as a maid and operated a cleaning firm.

Social Media Presence

Liz Golyar’s descent into darkness serves as a cautionary tale of jealousy, obsession, and the lengths some will go to preserve their delusions. Her crimes have left an indelible mark on those affected, serving as a stark reminder of the dangers of unchecked envy and deception.

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Liz Golyar

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