Unraveling the Liz Golyar Wikipedia, Wiki, Case, Killer, Family, Age, Dateline

Unraveling the Liz Golyar Wikipedia, Wiki, Case, Killer, Family, Age, Dateline

In the latest gripping installment of Dateline: Secrets Uncovered Season 10, the spotlight shines on the haunting disappearance and murder of Cari Farver in 2012, a case entangled with the enigmatic Shanna “Liz” Golyar. Let’s delve into the depths of this true-crime narrative.

Who Is Liz Golyar?

Shanna “Liz” Golyar, a name etched in infamy, found herself at the center of a murder case, convicted for the first-degree murder of Cari Farver. The chilling twist? Golyar was the ex-girlfriend of Dave Kroupa, the man Cari was romantically involved with at the time. The motive? A cauldron of extreme jealousy and rage, as both women vied for the affections of the same man. Golyar’s life took a dark turn as she orchestrated intricate deceptions, including impersonating Cari through threatening texts, leading to her life sentence in 2017.

Liz Golyar Date of Birth / Age

Born June 28, 1975, in Kalamazoo, Michigan

The Disappearance

On November 13, 2012, Cari Farver vanished from Dave Kroupa’s residence, setting the stage for a mystery that would baffle investigators for years. What adds a layer of complexity to this already perplexing case is the fact that Dave continued to receive texts from Cari even after her disappearance, creating an eerie aura around the investigation.

The Love Triangle

Episode 54 unravels the intricate dynamics of a love triangle involving Dave Kroupa, Cari Farver, and Shanna “Liz” Golyar. What began as a casual relationship between Dave and Cari spiraled into a dark abyss with Cari’s sudden disappearance. The episode navigates through the web of jealousy, secret identities, and the ultimate tragic culmination in murder.

Shanna “Liz” Golyar’s Motive

Allegedly fueled by extreme jealousy and rage, Shanna “Liz” Golyar embarked on a path that led to Cari Farver’s demise. This true-crime episode shines a light on the details of their intertwined relationships, exploring the shocking events that unfolded with tragic consequences.

Deceptive Tactics

To cloak her involvement in Cari’s murder, Golyar executed extraordinary measures, intricately complicating the investigation. From sending threatening texts to Dave and Cari’s family to burning down her family pets and even inflicting harm upon herself, Golyar wove a complex web of lies to maintain a facade of innocence.

Blaming Others

In an attempt to deflect suspicion, Golyar falsely accused Dave’s former girlfriend, Amy Flora, further muddying the waters of this already convoluted true-crime narrative.

In 2017, the gavel fell, and Shanna “Liz” Golyar was found guilty of first-degree murder by Judge Timothy Burns. Presently serving a life sentence at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women, Golyar remains behind bars despite her continued proclamations of innocence.


The chilling true-crime saga of Cari Farver’s murder at the hands of Shanna “Liz” Golyar is a stark reminder of the intricate complexities that can arise from human relationships. Dateline: Secrets Uncovered Season 10 Episode 54 offers a riveting exploration of this tragic story, leaving viewers captivated and disturbed by the twists and turns of the investigation into Cari Farver’s untimely demise.


Who is Cari Farver, and what happened to her?

Cari Farver, a single mother, mysteriously disappeared on November 13, 2012, from the residence of Dave Kroupa, the man she was dating at the time. The article explores the events surrounding her disappearance and subsequent murder.

Where is Liz Golyar now?

Shanna “Liz” Golyar is presently serving a life sentence in the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women. She was found guilty of the first-degree murder of Cari Farver in 2017.

How did Liz Golyar impersonate Cari Farver?

To conceal her role in Cari Farver’s murder, Liz Golyar engaged in an elaborate impersonation. She sent threatening texts to Dave Kroupa and Cari’s family, pretending to be Cari. Golyar went to extreme lengths, even burning down her family pets and inflicting harm on herself, maintaining a facade of innocence and complicating the investigation.

Who is Shanna “Liz” Golyar, and what was her motive for killing Cari Farver?

Shanna “Liz” Golyar was the ex-girlfriend of Dave Kroupa, and her motive for allegedly murdering Cari Farver was rooted in extreme jealousy and rage. The article delves into the details of their complex relationships and the factors that led to this tragic event.

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