Leah Weber King: A Journey of Grace, Legacy, and Advocacy

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Discover the intriguing life story of Leah Weber King, a prominent American personality, former journalist, and businesswoman. Widely recognized as the wife of Dexter Scott King, son of the legendary Martin Luther King Jr., Leah’s journey unfolds with captivating details, from her family background to her impactful contributions.

Leah Weber Wikipedia, Wiki, Age, Mother, Facebook, Instagram

Leah Weber Bio: Grace and Accomplishments

  1. Full Name: Leah Weber King
  2. Birthdate: August 7, 1980
  3. Age: 43 years old
  4. Zodiac Sign: Leo
  5. Nationality: American
  6. Ethnicity: Mixed African American
  7. Education: Majored in journalism and communications at a university in Dexter, Atlanta
  8. Parents:
    • Father: Larry Weber (CEO of Racepoint Global)
    • Mother: Joy Arceneaux (Homemaker and business owner)
  9. Height: 5 feet 8 inches (1.77 meters)
  10. Weight: Approximately 59 kilograms
  11. Hair Color: Black
  12. Eye Color: Dark Brown
  13. Marital Status: Married to Dexter Scott King
  14. Wedding Year: 2013
  15. Net Worth: $1.9 million USD

Leah Weber Early Life and Background

  1. Birth and Upbringing: Born on August 7, 1980, Leah Weber holds American nationality with a mixed African American ethnicity.
  2. Family Background: Daughter of Larry Weber, a successful businessman, and Joy Arceneaux, a homemaker with business endeavors.
  3. Educational Journey: Leah majored in journalism and communications at a reputable university in Dexter, Atlanta.

Leah Weber Career in Journalism

  1. Journalistic Venture: Leah contributed as a correspondent for a local station in Dexter, Atlanta, leaving her mark in the industry.
  2. Retirement: Her dedication to journalism continued until her retirement, showcasing her commitment to her craft.

Leah Weber Family Ties and Personal Life

  1. Marriage to Dexter Scott King: Leah married Dexter Scott King in 2013, intertwining her personal life with historical significance.
  2. Private Wedding: The exclusive nature of their wedding in 2013 has left details shrouded in mystery.
  3. Family Connections: Leah’s marital connection extends to her in-laws, including Yolanda King, Martin Luther King III, and Bernice King.
  4. Privacy Values: Despite being in the public eye, Leah values her privacy, revealing little about her parents or siblings.

Leah Weber Body Measurements and Appearance

  1. Physical Attributes: Standing at 5 feet 8 inches and weighing approximately 59 kilograms, Leah exudes elegance with black hair and dark brown eyes.
  2. Body Measurements: Further details about her body measurements remain under review.

Leah Weber Philanthropic Endeavors

  1. Limited Details: While specific details about Leah’s philanthropic activities are limited, her presence alongside Dexter in civil rights meetings suggests a commitment to social causes.
  2. King Family Legacy: The King family’s history in the civil rights movement underscores their ongoing dedication to equality and justice.

Leah Weber Net Worth

  1. Financial Standing: Leah Weber’s net worth is estimated at $1.9 million USD, reflecting her achievements and contributions in journalism and business.

Larry Weber: A Closer Look

  1. Father’s Impact: Larry Weber, Leah’s father, is a notable American entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Racepoint Global. He co-founded the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange, showcasing his influence.

Dexter King’s Family Legacy

  1. Roots in Civil Rights Movement: Dexter Scott King’s family legacy is deeply rooted in the civil rights movement, carrying forward his father’s advocacy for equality and justice.
  2. Siblings’ Commitment: Growing up alongside siblings Martin Luther King III, Bernice King, and Yolanda King, Dexter’s journey embodies the enduring impact of the civil rights movement.

Leah Weber Legacy and Remembrance

  1. Name’s Significance: Dexter’s name, “Dexter,” pays tribute to the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama, a pivotal location in Martin Luther King Jr.’s early career.
  2. Continued Legacy: Despite the tragic loss of their father at a young age, Dexter and his siblings continued the legacy with the support of individuals like Harry Belafonte.

Leah Weber Social Media Accounts

Stay connected with Leah’s legacy through her social media accounts:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter


In summary, Leah Weber King’s life story is a captivating narrative of a woman who, beyond being the wife of Dexter Scott King, has made her mark in journalism and business. Her journey, intertwined with the historical legacy of the King family, exemplifies a commitment to social causes and the enduring pursuit of equality and justice. As the pages of Leah’s life continue to unfold, her story remains one of inspiration and significance in the tapestry of American history.


  1. What is Leah Weber’s nationality?
    • Leah Weber holds American nationality.
  2. Who is Dexter King’s wife?
    • Dexter King’s wife is Leah Weber King.
  3. Was Dexter King married?
    • Yes, Dexter King is married to Leah Weber.
  4. When did Leah Weber and Dexter Scott King get married?
    • Leah Weber and Dexter Scott King exchanged vows in a private wedding ceremony held in 2013.

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