Kristin Davis and Chris Noth Relationship: The Facts and Speculation

Kristin Davis and Chris Noth Relationship Timeline

Background and On-Screen Chemistry

Kristin Davis and Chris Noth are well-known for their roles as Charlotte Goldenblatt and Mr. Big on the iconic HBO series “Sex and the City.” Their on-screen chemistry has led fans to speculate about a possible off-screen romance, despite no confirmed reports from either actor.

The Rumors and Evidence

Speculation about a potential romance between Davis and Noth has been fueled by several cozy and playful photos from the early 2000s. These images show the pair looking comfortable and close, leading fans to wonder if their relationship extended beyond the screen.

Key Points of Speculation:

  1. Intimate Photos: Resurfaced images show Davis and Noth embracing and sharing playful moments, such as Kristin licking Chris’s cheek on the red carpet.
  2. Fan Theories: Social media platforms like Reddit and X are filled with fans analyzing these interactions and suggesting a deeper connection.
  3. Kristin’s Comments: In response to a fan theory about their characters, Kristin Davis remarked that Charlotte and Big wouldn’t have worked out, hinting at an understanding of their dynamics both on and off-screen.

Public Reactions

Fans have had mixed reactions to the rumors. Some believe that the photos and their visible chemistry point to a past romance, while others think the speculation is based on their friendly public appearances.

Opinions on Social Media:

  • Some fans are convinced they had a fling, citing their intimate photos and interactions.
  • Others argue it was merely a close friendship, enhanced by their professional relationship and public events.

Current Relationship Status

As of now, Kristin Davis and Chris Noth are no longer on speaking terms. This estrangement follows multiple accusations of sexual misconduct and assault against Noth in 2021, allegations which he denies.

Cast Members’ Response:

  • Kristin Davis, along with Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon, publicly supported the women who accused Noth, expressing their sadness and commending the accusers for their bravery.


The debate about Kristin Davis and Chris Noth’s potential off-screen romance adds another layer of intrigue to their characters’ complex relationship on “Sex and the City.” While fans continue to speculate, both actors have remained silent on the matter, leaving their past relationship shrouded in mystery. The recent accusations against Noth and the cast’s response have further complicated their current dynamics, ensuring that any past rumors remain a topic of interest and debate among fans.