Josh Gerstein: Wikipedia, Wiki, Politico, Bio, Education, Career, Relationship, Net Worth

Read here about Josh Gerstein Wikipedia, Wiki, Politico, Bio, Education, Career, Relationship, Net Worth and more.

Unveiling the Life and Career of Josh Gerstein

Josh Gerstein: Wikipedia, Wiki, Politico, Bio, Education, Career, Relationship, Net Worth

Josh Gerstein Wikipedia, Wiki, Politico, Bio, Education, Career, Relationship, Net Worth

Exploring the Journey of Josh Gerstein

Josh Gerstein, born on June 20, 1970, in Weston, Massachusetts, is a distinguished American journalist and the White House Correspondent for Politico. With a career spanning various significant events in American history, Gerstein has not only reported on political and legal matters but also played a role in shaping legislation.

Josh Gerstein Bio

  • Full Name: Josh Gerstein
  • Date of Birth: June 20, 1970
  • Age: 53 years old
  • Birthplace: Weston, Massachusetts
  • Parents: Barbara (Mother), Dr. Joseph Gerstein (Father)
  • Parents’ Professions: Mother – Nurse, Father – Medical Director of Tufts Health Plan
  • Education: Magna cum laude graduate from Harvard University with a Bachelor’s degree in Government
  • Spouse: June Shih
  • Marriage Date: August 3, 2003
  • Marriage Venue: River Farm in Alexandria, Virginia (American Horticultural Society Headquarters)
  • Children: Two daughters
  • Residence: Initially in San Francisco, later relocated to Alexandria, Virginia

Josh Gerstein Early Life and Family

A Product of Values

Josh was born to Barbara and Dr. Joseph Gerstein. Both of his parents were involved with Smart Recovery, assisting individuals grappling with drug and alcohol addiction. His mother, a nurse, and his father, the medical director of Tufts Health Plan, instilled in him values that would later reflect in his career.

Josh Gerstein Educational Journey

Harvard’s Finest

Gerstein graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Government. This solid educational foundation laid the groundwork for his future endeavors in journalism.

Josh Gerstein Love and Marriage

A Harvard Connection

During his time at Harvard, Josh met June Shih, who would later become his wife. June, the daughter of Catherine S. Shih and Dr. Teh-Chang Shih, hails from Alexandria. The couple exchanged vows on August 3rd, 2003, at River Farm in Alexandria, Virginia, officiated by the Humanist chaplain of Harvard University, Thomas Ferrick. The marriage led them to San Francisco initially but later brought them back to Alexandria, where they now reside with their two daughters.

Josh Gerstein Career Path

Political Reporting Maven

In January 2009, Josh embarked on a significant chapter in his career, joining Politico as a senior White House reporter, just days before President Barack Obama’s inauguration. However, his journalism journey began much earlier. From 1995 to 2003, Gerstein worked at ABC News, covering various events, including the impeachment of President Clinton and the 9/11 attacks. His tenure at The New York Sun from 2003 to 2008 showcased his dedication to reporting on political and legal stories that impacted the nation directly.

Josh Gerstein Major Stories Covered

From Trials to Investigations

Notably, Gerstein covered the story of Sami al-Arian, a Floridian college professor accused of having ties to Islamic jihad and under investigation by the FBI for over two decades. His reporting also extended to the trial of Lewis Libby, an aide to former President George W. Bush, convicted of obstructing justice related to a CIA leak. These experiences solidified Josh Gerstein’s reputation as a thorough and dedicated journalist.

Josh Gerstein Personal Traits and Hobbies

Tech-Savvy and Culinary Explorer

Beyond the headlines, Gerstein is known for using a Blackberry while on the beat, showcasing his adaptability to changing technologies. His commitment to transparency is evident in his role as an expert on the Freedom of Information Act. A self-proclaimed foodie, Gerstein enjoys exploring diverse dishes and has a global perspective, having traveled to countries like Afghanistan, China, and Pakistan.

Josh Gerstein Blogging Ventures

Online Presence Beyond Reporting

Josh Gerstein extends his influence through two political blogs—one on Blogspot and another within the Politico website. These platforms allow him to share insights and perspectives beyond the confines of traditional news reporting.

Josh Gerstein Social Media Peresence


In conclusion, Josh Gerstein’s journey from his early days in Massachusetts to becoming a respected White House Correspondent for Politico is a testament to his passion for journalism. His ability to cover significant events with precision and dedication, coupled with personal qualities like transparency and a love for diverse cultures, has shaped him into a well-rounded and influential figure in the realm of American journalism. As Gerstein continues his career, one can only anticipate more insightful reporting and impactful contributions to the field.


  1. Who is Josh Gerstein?
    • Josh Gerstein is an American journalist and the White House Correspondent for Politico, known for his coverage of U.S. politics and government policies.
  2. Who are Josh Gerstein’s parents?
    • Josh Gerstein’s parents are Barbara (mother) and Dr. Joseph Gerstein (father). His mother worked as a nurse, and his father was the medical director of the Tufts Health Plan.
  3. When did Josh Gerstein get married?
    • Josh Gerstein married June Shih on August 3rd, 2003, at River Farm in Alexandria, Virginia.

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