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Jordan Schultz: Unveiling Wikipedia, Net Worth, Starbucks Legacy, and Dynamic Career

  • Full Name: Jordan Eliahu Schultz
  • Birth Year and Age: Born in 1986, currently 34 years old (exact birthday undisclosed)
  • Birthplace: Seattle, Washington, United States
  • Education: Occidental College, Seattle University
  • Father: Howard Schultz (CEO of Starbucks, former basketball player)
  • Mother: Sheri Kresch Schultz
  • Sister: Addison Schultz
  • Wife: Breanna Lind Hawes
  • Children: Two

Jordan Eliahu Schultz, a prominent figure in the realm of sports journalism, entered the world in 1986 in Seattle, Washington. Let’s delve into the various facets of his life, from family connections to educational pursuits and beyond.

Seattle Roots and Family Influence

Growing up amidst the vibrancy of Seattle, Schultz received his early education locally. His parents, Howard Schultz and Sheri Kresch Schultz, played pivotal roles in shaping his formative years. Howard Schultz, a renowned American author and businessman, not only served as the CEO of Starbucks Coffee Company but also owned the Seattle Supersonics basketball team from 2001 to 2006.

Jordan Schultz: A Comprehensive Biography

Educational Journey

Schultz embarked on his higher education at Occidental College, where he not only obtained his degree but also showcased his basketball prowess as a valuable asset to the college’s team.

From Courtside to Newsroom: A Pivotal Transition

Initially making a mark as a basketball player, Schultz took an unexpected turn in his professional journey by joining NBC Sports as the co-host of Kup & Schultz on NBC Sports Radio. This transition from courtside action to behind-the-mic discussions marked the inception of his notable career in sports journalism.

Versatile Roles in Sports Journalism

Schultz’s career in sports journalism flourished as he contributed to various platforms, including Yahoo Sports Radio, The Last Word, CBS This Morning, and The Today Show. His versatility shone through as he took on roles as a sportswriter, broadcaster, producer, and editor for

A Stint at Huffington Post and Beyond

Later, Schultz became a prominent sports columnist at Huffington Post, engaging audiences with his day-to-day blog covering diverse sports topics. His expertise also extended to the Los Angeles Times, where he co-hosted Sirius XM’s The Afternoon Drive on the Bleacher Report Channel.

Present Role at ESPN’s Boardroom

Currently, Jordan Schultz holds a key role as an insider and analyst at ESPN’s Boardroom. His insights cover a broad spectrum, including the NBA, NFL, and NCAA.

The Personal Side of Jordan Schultz

Family Life Beyond the Spotlight

Beyond the glare of the spotlight, Jordan Schultz finds joy in his personal life. Married to Breanna Lind Hawes since 2011, they are proud parents to two children. Breanna, daughter of Tammy L. Constancio and Taylor L. Hawes, adds to the family’s happiness. Schultz seamlessly balances the demands of his career with cherished moments with his loved ones.

Unveiling Jordan Schultz’s Net Worth and Recognition

Financial Standing and Legacy

Jordan Schultz’s contributions to sports journalism have earned him recognition. While his net worth is officially estimated at 1 million dollars, his annual salary remains undisclosed. Being the son of Howard Schultz undoubtedly adds an extra layer to his financial standing.

Passion Beyond Monetary Gains

Despite financial success, Schultz remains dedicated to delivering quality analysis and commentary at ESPN, showcasing a passion for his craft beyond monetary gains.

Jordan Schultz: Facts and Trivia

Intriguing Details

As we explore fascinating facts about Jordan Schultz, several noteworthy details emerge:

  • Birth Year and Age: Born in 1986, Schultz is currently 34 years old, with his exact birthday undisclosed.
  • Marital Bliss: Jordan Schultz and Breanna Lind Hawes exchanged vows in 2011, standing the test of time as proud parents of two.
  • Family Ties: Schultz is part of an accomplished family, with his father, Howard Schultz, being a successful businessman and former basketball player, and a sister named Addison Schultz.
  • Educational Background: Schultz pursued education at Occidental College and Seattle University, grounding himself in both academics and athletics.
  • Nationality: Hailing from Seattle, Jordan Schultz proudly claims American nationality.
  • Professional Journey: Prior to ESPN, Schultz made significant contributions to platforms like HuffPost, Sirius XM, SI Now, and Bleacher Report.
  • Social Media Presence: Engaging with fans, Schultz maintains an active online presence with 147 thousand followers on Instagram and 72.5 thousand followers on Twitter.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Jordan Schultz’s journey from the basketball court to the newsroom exemplifies versatility and resilience. As a sports journalist, he continues to captivate audiences with his insights, proving that the transition from player to pundit is a path laden with success and fulfillment. With a supportive family by his side, Schultz remains a notable figure in the ever-evolving landscape of sports media.

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