Jenna Dewan: Unveiling the Love Story with Husband Steve Kazee

Embarking on Love’s Journey: Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee

Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee’s enchanting love story has captured the hearts of many. From their initial encounter to building a beautiful family, let’s explore the milestones that define their enduring bond.

The Genesis of Their Romance

In 2012, fate intertwined the paths of Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee when Dewan attended the Broadway show “Once,” featuring Kazee. Though brief, their meeting left an indelible mark, laying the groundwork for a future connection.

Rekindling Love: A Blossoming Relationship

Following Dewan’s separation from Channing Tatum, Kazee reached out, reigniting their connection. In October 2018, PEOPLE confirmed their relationship, marking the beginning of a journey filled with love and mutual admiration.

Welcoming a New Addition: Parenthood

Just months after their relationship became public, Dewan and Kazee embraced parenthood with the arrival of their son, Callum Michael, in March 2020. Callum joined Dewan’s daughter, Everly Elizabeth Maiselle, completing their loving family unit.

Celebrating Milestones Together

Dewan and Kazee cherish every moment as a family, celebrating milestones with boundless love and joy. From birthdays to holidays, their shared experiences deepen their connection, evident in the heartfelt tributes shared on social media.

A Symbol of Commitment: The Engagement

In February 2020, Dewan and Kazee took a significant step forward, announcing their engagement with a heartwarming Instagram post. Their engagement symbolized a union grounded in love and a shared vision for the future.

Navigating Parenthood Together

As first-time parents to baby Callum, Dewan and Kazee embarked on the journey of parenthood hand in hand. Their unwavering support for each other strengthens their bond as they navigate the joys and challenges of raising a family.

Overcoming Adversities with Resilience

Facing challenges head-on, Dewan and Kazee exemplify resilience in their relationship. From coping with loss to embracing the responsibilities of parenthood, they stand united, drawing strength from each other’s unwavering support.

Professional Collaboration: On-Screen Chemistry

In addition to their personal endeavors, Dewan and Kazee showcased their on-screen chemistry through professional collaborations. Kazee’s guest appearance alongside Dewan on the ABC series “The Rookie” highlighted their seamless partnership, both on and off-screen.

Embracing the Future with Hope

As they look towards the horizon, Dewan and Kazee are filled with excitement for the future. Anticipating the arrival of their second child, their love continues to blossom, brimming with hope, anticipation, and boundless possibilities.

In Conclusion

Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee’s love story epitomizes the essence of connection, resilience, and unwavering devotion. From serendipitous encounters to the joys of parenthood, their journey together is a testament to the enduring power of love. As they embrace the chapters yet to unfold, their bond remains steadfast, guiding them through life’s triumphs and tribulations.


Who is Jenna Dewan’s New Husband?

Jenna Dewan’s husband is Steve Kazee. They tied the knot on December 12, 2021, on the set of “The Rookie,” where Dewan portrays firefighter Bailey Nune. Kazee made a guest appearance as Dewan’s character’s husband on the show.

Who Does Jenna Dewan Have a Child With?

Jenna Dewan shares her first child, Everly, with ex-husband Channing Tatum. Her second child, Callum Michael Rebel Kazee, was born on March 6, 2020, in Los Angeles, with her fiancé, Steve Kazee.

Does Jenna Dewan Have a Baby?

Yes, Jenna Dewan welcomed her son, Callum Michael Rebel Kazee, on March 6, 2020, in Los Angeles, with fiancé Steve Kazee, adding joy and love to their family.

Is Jenna Dewan Still with Her Husband?

Yes, Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee are happily together. Their relationship, marked by engagement in February 2020 and the anticipation of their second child, showcases their enduring love and commitment.

Is Jenna Dewan a Real Dancer?

Yes, Jenna Dewan is a talented dancer, recognized for her skills and passion in the field. Beginning her career as a backup dancer for renowned artists, she has seamlessly transitioned into a successful actress and entertainer, with dance remaining an integral part of her journey.

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