Philadelphia Eagles Center Jason Kelce Retires from NFL After 13 Seasons

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce has officially announced his retirement from the NFL after a remarkable career spanning 13 seasons.

Emotional Retirement Announcement at NovaCare Complex

In a deeply emotional moment, Jason Kelce held a press conference that lasted 45 minutes at the NovaCare Complex in South Philadelphia. Flanked by his parents, Ed and Donna, and his brother, Travis Kelce, from the Kansas City Chiefs, the 36-year-old sported a sleeveless Eagles T-shirt and was visibly moved to tears.

Reflecting on a Storied Career

During his tearful press conference, Kelce reflected on his illustrious career with the Eagles, expressing gratitude to those who supported him from his childhood through his journey in Philadelphia. He emphasized his lifelong goal of playing his entire career in one city, expressing fulfillment in achieving this aspiration in Philadelphia.

Accolades and Achievements

Drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the sixth round of the 2011 NFL draft from the University of Cincinnati, Kelce’s career boasted seven Pro Bowl appearances and six All-Pro selections. His impact on the team and the city of Philadelphia was profound, earning him admiration and respect throughout his tenure.

Tributes from Eagles Owner and Coaching Staff

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie hailed Kelce’s contributions, describing him as an incredible football player and highlighting the unparalleled connection between Kelce, the city, and the team. Additionally, Eagles offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland expressed his appreciation for Kelce’s dedication and leadership over the years.

Iconic Super Bowl LII Parade Speech

Kelce’s legacy in Philadelphia extends beyond his on-field performance, with his impassioned speech during the Eagles’ Super Bowl LII parade remaining etched in sports history. Kelce attributed the speech to the city of Philadelphia, emphasizing its significance in uniting the community and symbolizing the triumph of long-awaited victory.

Gratitude and Reflections

In his retirement speech, Kelce expressed gratitude to his family, coaches, and the city of Philadelphia for their unwavering support. He highlighted the challenges and rewards of playing in a passionate sports town like Philadelphia, emphasizing the importance of resilience and accountability in earning the fans’ respect and admiration.

Special Bond with Brother Travis Kelce

Kelce reflected on the profound bond he shares with his brother Travis, describing it as integral to his personal and professional journey. He recounted pivotal moments in their lives, including their respective drafts to the Eagles and the Chiefs, underscoring the strength derived from their sibling connection.

Cherished Moments with Wife Kylie

Kelce fondly recalled the serendipitous moment he met his wife Kylie and credited her unwavering support for his success both on and off the field. He expressed deep gratitude for her presence in his life, acknowledging her role in bringing out the best in him and fostering a fulfilling family life.

In conclusion, Jason Kelce’s retirement marks the end of an era for the Philadelphia Eagles and leaves behind a lasting legacy of excellence, leadership, and passion for the game.

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