Herb Kohl Married Life: A Legacy of Business, Politics, and Dedication

Exploring the Life and Contributions of Herb Kohl, the Visionary Entrepreneur and Statesman

Was Herb Kohl Ever Married?

The life of Herb Kohl, a distinguished figure in business and politics, concluded on December 27, 2023, leaving behind a legacy that transcends sectors. As the co-founder of Kohl’s department stores and a four-term U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, Herb Kohl’s impact reached far and wide. This exploration delves into the remarkable journey of Herb Kohl, celebrating his significant contributions to Wisconsin and beyond.

Who Is Herb Kohl?

Herb Kohl, born on February 7, 1935, and passing away on December 27, 2023, was a prominent figure known for his multifaceted contributions. Co-founding Kohl’s department stores and owning the Milwaukee Bucks, Kohl left an indelible mark on the business and sports landscape. His four-term tenure as a U.S. Senator showcased a commitment to individual citizens and advocacy for education. Notably, Herb Kohl chose not to marry, dedicating his life to his work and various pursuits, creating a unique and impactful legacy.

Business Titan: Herb Kohl Department Stores

Herb Kohl, alongside his father and brother, transformed a corner market store into the retail giant known today as Kohl’s department store. Serving as president and CEO, Kohl’s leadership has had a lasting impact on countless shoppers, a testament to his vision and business acumen. Beyond business, Kohl became the savior of the Milwaukee Bucks in 1985, contributing significantly to their 2021 NBA championship victory.

Political Stalwart: U.S. Senator and Education Advocate

Herb Kohl’s political journey spanned four terms as a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin. As a Democrat, he focused on individual citizens, encapsulated in his campaign slogan, “Nobody’s Senator But Yours.” His commitment extended to education, evident in the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation, which supports teachers, students, and school leaders in Wisconsin.

Honors and Recognitions: A Testimony to Excellence

In 2007, Herb Kohl was inducted into the Wisconsin Athletic Hall of Fame, recognizing his contributions to the state’s sports legacy. His impact extended beyond business and politics, touching the realm of athletics and further solidifying his status as a Wisconsin icon.

Was Herb Kohl Ever Married?

No, Herb Kohl was never married. Throughout his public life, there was no indication of a spouse or partner in any official capacity, media coverage, or personal accounts. Herb Kohl chose a path focused on his career, both in business and politics, and did not enter into a marital partnership. In an interview, Kohl mentioned that being single allowed him to devote more time to his various responsibilities, highlighting the advantages of his unmarried status. This information is consistent across reliable sources, including obituaries, biographies, and news articles, affirming that Herb Kohl remained unmarried throughout his life.

Public Statements and Lack of Spousal Mention

Herb Kohl’s public statements and a lack of information about a spouse or partner consistently supported the understanding that he remained unmarried. Throughout his public life, whether in official capacities, media coverage, or personal accounts, there was no mention of a significant other. His focus on his career and other pursuits was evident in the absence of any spousal references.

Obituaries and Biographical References

The confirmation of Herb Kohl’s unmarried status is reinforced by obituaries from major media outlets like the Associated Press and the New York Times. Official biographies, too, make no mention of a spouse. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that Herb Kohl, while nurturing meaningful relationships with family and friends, opted not to enter into a marital partnership.


In the remembrance of Herb Kohl, we reflect on a life that intertwined business, politics, and a commitment to education. His impact on Kohl’s department stores, the Milwaukee Bucks, and the state of Wisconsin itself is indelible. As we bid farewell to this remarkable individual, we recognize Herb Kohl’s legacy as a testament to the power of vision, dedication, and service to the community and state.

FAQ: Insights into Herb Kohl’s Life

Does Herb Kohl still own Kohl’s department stores?

No, Herb Kohl is no longer associated with the ownership of Kohl’s. While he co-founded the retail giant, he has divested ownership, and Kohl’s is currently a publicly traded company.

Where did Herb Kohl live?

Herb Kohl primarily resided in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His connection to the city extended beyond personal living space; he was deeply involved in the community, particularly through his ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks.

Did Herb Kohl have a spouse or get married?

No, Herb Kohl never married. Throughout his public life, there was no mention of a spouse or partner in any official capacity, media coverage, or personal accounts. He dedicated his life to his work, both in business and politics, and chose not to engage in marital partnership.

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