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Gerry Turner’s Life Unveiled

Gerry Turner Bio, Wikipedia Profile

Gerry Turner, born on August 7, 1951, in Iowa, United States, is a retired restaurateur who gained prominence as a participant in the dating reality show “Golden Bachelor.” At 72 years old, Gerry takes center stage in this unique journey of love tailored for older contestants. This comprehensive article explores various aspects of Gerry Turner’s life, from his early days to his career, family, and intriguing personal details.

  • Full Name: Gerry Turner
  • Age: 72 years old
  • Birth Date: August 7, 1951
  • Birthplace: Iowa, United States
  • Marital Status: Widowed (Married to Toni, who passed away in 2017)
  • Religion: Christian
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents:
    • Father: Wayne
    • Mother: Peggy
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Hair Color: Golden
  • Height: 5.11 feet
  • Weight: 77 kg
  • Net Worth: $3 Million
  • Education:
    • Ottumwa Heights University (High School Graduate, 1970)
    • University of Iowa
    • Ernie Johnson Sales School, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Family:
    • Wife: Toni (Married in 1974, passed away in 2017)
    • Children: Angie (Married to Mike, two children – Charlee Payton), Jenny (Elementary school teacher)

Gerry Turner Early Life and Background

Gerry Turner’s journey began in Iowa, where he was born to Wayne and Peggy Turner on August 7, 1951. Growing up in Ottumwa, Iowa, Gerry, the eldest among four siblings, showcased early promise as a basketball player during his school years. His educational path led him to Ottumwa Heights University, the University of Iowa, and the Ernie Johnson Sales School in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Journey to Culinary Success

Gerry’s venture into the culinary world commenced at the age of 18 when he started working as a waiter at a local café. Fueled by his passion for food and hospitality, Gerry, with the support of his wife Toni, ventured into entrepreneurship. In 1976, he successfully launched his own restaurant, specializing in contemporary American cuisine. The restaurant quickly became a local favorite, leading Gerry to establish two additional eateries. His culinary success formed the backbone of his $3 million net worth.

Gerry Turner Personal Life

Gerry’s personal life is marked by enduring love and heart-wrenching loss. Married to his high school sweetheart, Toni, for an incredible 43 years, Gerry faced the tragic loss of Toni in 2017 due to health concerns. The couple’s profound connection is reflected in their two children, Angie and Jenny. Despite the pain of losing Toni, Gerry found solace in memories and the unwavering support of his family. Gerry’s decision to join “The Golden Bachelor” is a testament to his resilience and optimism, believing Toni would approve of his choice.

Gerry Turner Net Worth

Gerry Turner’s financial success is reflected in his estimated net worth of $3 million. The restaurant industry served as the primary source of his income, enabling him to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in his Indiana lakehouse.

Intriguing Facts about Gerry Turner

  1. Diverse Interests: Gerry is an avid follower of Chicago sports teams, particularly the Cubs and the Bears. In his leisure time, he enjoys reading books, watching movies, and experimenting with different foods, showcasing his diverse interests.
  2. Family Man: Gerry cherishes his family, with daughter Angie, a nurse, and Jenny, an elementary school teacher. Angie is married to Mike, and they have two children, Charlee Payton.
  3. Global Explorer: Gerry’s love for travel has taken him to various countries, including Italy, France, Australia, and Japan, enriching his life with diverse experiences.
  4. Quirks and Preferences: Despite his successful and charismatic persona, Gerry harbors a few fears. He is allergic to shellfish and peanuts, terrified of spiders and heights, yet finds joy in singing along to Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra tunes.
  5. Personal Tribute: A touching detail reveals that Gerry wears a tattoo of his late wife’s name on his chest, a permanent tribute to their enduring love.
  6. Leisure Activities: Gerry enjoys playing golf and poker with friends, showcasing a vibrant social life even in retirement.
  7. Style Icon: Often spotted with hats and sunglasses, Gerry adds a touch of flair to his personality. His great sense of humor and penchant for making others laugh further endear him to those around him.

Gerry Turner Social Media Accounts

Conclusion: Gerry Turner’s life unfolds as a captivating narrative of love, loss, and resilience. As he navigates the complexities of love on television screens through “The Golden Bachelor,” Gerry’s story becomes not just a personal journey but a testament to the enduring power of love. From humble beginnings to culinary success, family life, and unique qualities, Gerry Turner emerges as a compelling personality. Audiences are sure to be enthralled by the richness of his life’s narrative.


  1. What does Gerry Turner do? Gerry Turner is a retired restaurateur from Indiana, gaining prominence as a participant in the dating reality show “Golden Bachelor,” tailored for older contestants.
  2. How long was Gerry married to his late wife Toni? Gerry was married to his late wife, Toni Turner, for 43 years until her passing in 2017.
  3. Does Gerry have children? Yes, Gerry Turner has two daughters named Angie and Jenny. Angie is married to Mike and has two children, Charlee Payton. Jenny is an elementary school teacher.

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