Eric Forrester Marriages: Exploring the Love Life of the Bold and the Beautiful Icon

Eric Forrester, a beloved character portrayed by John McCook in the iconic soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful,” has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with his captivating love life.

As the patriarch of the Forrester family, Eric’s romantic escapades have been a central storyline, enthralling viewers throughout the series.

In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Eric Forrester’s marriages, exploring the enduring impact they’ve had on the show.

Who Is Eric Forrester?

Eric Forrester, portrayed by John McCook since the inception of “The Bold and the Beautiful” in 1987, is a pivotal character in the soap opera. As a prominent figure in the Forrester family, Eric is depicted as a successful fashion designer and co-founder of Forrester Creations, a renowned fashion house based in Los Angeles. Known for his compassionate nature, Eric often serves as a mediator in family conflicts, striving to maintain harmony among his loved ones.

Eric Forrester’s Marriages: A Detailed Look

Stephanie Forrester (née Perkins)

  • Marriage: Eric and Stephanie exchanged vows in 1970, marking the beginning of their enduring union.
  • Duration: Their marriage endured until 1987, spanning a significant period.
  • Children: Eric and Stephanie welcomed three children: Ridge, Thorne, and Kristen.
  • Significance: This marriage laid the foundation for the Forrester family dynamics, setting the stage for future storylines.

Brooke Logan

  • Marriage: Eric’s union with Brooke Logan in 1991 brought a new dimension to his love life.
  • Duration: The marriage concluded in 1993 amidst emotional turmoil.
  • Children: Eric and Brooke did not have children together.
  • Significance: Eric’s relationship with Brooke introduced a captivating love triangle, adding depth to the show’s narrative.

Sheila Carter

  • Marriage: Eric’s tumultuous relationship with Sheila Carter in 1994 was marked by conflicts.
  • Duration: Their marriage was brief, characterized by deception and manipulation.
  • Children: Eric and Sheila did not have children together.
  • Significance: Sheila’s presence highlighted Eric’s vulnerability and added suspense to his romantic history.

Stephanie Forrester (née Perkins) – Reunion

  • Marriage: Eric reunited with Stephanie in 1995, reigniting their passion.
  • Duration: Their second marriage lasted until 2002, filled with unresolved conflicts.
  • Children: No additional children were born during this marriage.
  • Significance: The reunion emphasized the complexities of forgiveness and long-term relationships.

Donna Logan

  • Marriage: Eric’s marriage to Donna Logan in 2006 introduced new dynamics to the Forrester family.
  • Duration: Their union lasted until 2008, characterized by contrasting personalities.
  • Children: Eric and Donna did not have children together.
  • Significance: The marriage showcased Eric’s openness to new relationships amidst familial complexities.

Quinn Fuller – First Marriage

  • Marriage: Eric’s relationship with Quinn Fuller led to a marriage in 2013.
  • Duration: Their first marriage ended in 2015 after tumultuous events.
  • Children: No children were born from this union.
  • Significance: Quinn’s presence challenged established norms, adding unpredictability to Eric’s life.

Quinn Fuller – Reunion

  • Marriage: Eric and Quinn remarried in 2017, highlighting their enduring love.
  • Duration: Their second marriage is ongoing, reflecting growth and resilience.
  • Children: No children have been born in this marriage yet.
  • Significance: The reunion emphasizes the capacity for forgiveness and growth in relationships.


In the intricate world of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Eric Forrester’s romantic journey has been a captivating saga of love, loss, and redemption. His seven marriages have contributed to the show’s enduring popularity, showcasing the complexities of relationships amidst familial turmoil. As Eric continues to navigate the complexities of love and family, his legacy as a soap opera icon remains unmatched.


How many times has Ridge Forrester been married? Ridge Forrester has been married five times on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” including relationships with Caroline Spencer, Taylor Hayes (twice), Brooke Logan, and Shauna Fulton.

How has Eric Forrester’s character evolved over the years? Eric Forrester has undergone significant development, transitioning from a traditional patriarch to a multifaceted figure shaped by love and loss. His experiences have contributed to his growth as a character, making him a compelling presence on the show.

Who were Eric Forrester’s wives on “The Bold and the Beautiful”? Eric Forrester’s wives include Stephanie Forrester (twice), Brooke Logan, Sheila Carter, Donna Logan, and Quinn Fuller (twice).

What happened to Eric Forrester’s first wife, Stephanie Forrester? Stephanie Forrester, portrayed by Susan Flannery, passed away from lung cancer in 2012 after a prolonged battle with the disease.

How many children does Eric Forrester have? Eric Forrester has five children: Ridge, Thorne, Kristen, Felicia, and Angela. However, on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” his portrayed children are Ridge, Thorne, Kristen, and Felicia.

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