Dino Guglielmelli Unveiled: Wikipedia, Wiki, Today, Net Worth, Daughters, Release Date, Released

Dino Guglielmelli Wikipedia, Wiki, Today, Net Worth, Daughters, Release Date, Released

Dino Guglielmelli’s life took a dark turn in 2011 when he was arrested for attempting to murder his wife, Monica Olsen. Once a millionaire businessman, Guglielmelli’s journey from wealth to incarceration has intrigued the public, sparking curiosity about his controversial story and current status.

Dino Guglielmelli Bio

  • Full Name: Dino Guglielmelli
  • Gender: Male
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Businessman
  • Siblings: Gino Guglielmelli, Emilio Guglielmelli
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Wife: Monica Olsen (married in 2003)
  • Children: 2 daughters

Dino Guglielmelli: The Rise and Fall

Dino Guglielmelli Background

Dino Guglielmelli, a male American businessman, grew up alongside his siblings Gino and Emilio on a Washington State farm. Despite humble beginnings, Dino’s hard work led him to become an office manager and eventually start his own beauty company, Creation’s Garden. The company’s peak success, with a net worth reaching $48 million annually, was short-lived due to Guglielmelli’s involvement in a murder-for-hire plot.

The Crime and Arrest

Guglielmelli made headlines when he was caught attempting to hire a hitman to murder his wife, Monica Olsen. The heinous act led to his arrest in June 2014, and he was subsequently sentenced to nine years in Corcoran Prison, California. The controversy involves a recorded conversation where Guglielmelli discusses the sinister plot, later claiming the hitman set him up.

Dino Guglielmelli Rise and Fall

Dino Guglielmelli’s rise to success was remarkable, from sweeping factory floors in 1984 to forming his own beauty company. With over 250 employees and four factories, Guglielmelli’s business empire crumbled after his arrest. Despite holding a business degree and achieving significant success, his net worth is now unclear.

Monica Olsen: A Model Turned Full-time Mother

Monica Olsen, Guglielmelli’s wife and a former model, prioritized motherhood over her modeling and acting career. The couple faced a bitter divorce, leading to Guglielmelli’s incarceration. Olsen’s open expression of fear for her safety sheds light on the tumultuous dynamics of their relationship.

Guglielmelli’s trial faced challenges due to credibility issues with the key witness, Rick Fuhrmann. To mitigate the severity of his sentence, Guglielmelli pleaded guilty to attempted murder, receiving a nine-year prison term. The legal resolution left questions lingering about the true nature of the events leading to his arrest.

Dino Guglielmelli: Life Behind Bars

Currently serving his sentence in Corcoran Prison, California, Guglielmelli’s once opulent life has given way to the confines of a correctional facility. The narrative surrounding his case serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the fragility of trust and the potential consequences of criminal activities.

Monica Olsen Sacrifice

Olsen’s sacrifice to prioritize motherhood over her career underscores the complexity of the challenges faced within the Guglielmelli family. As Guglielmelli serves his prison sentence, Olsen’s ongoing concerns about her safety add a layer of tension to the aftermath of their tumultuous relationship.


The story of Dino Guglielmelli and Monica Olsen is a tragic tale of a once-successful businessman’s downfall due to a murder-for-hire plot. From the pinnacle of wealth to the confines of a prison cell, Guglielmelli’s life serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable turns personal lives can take. As questions linger about the true events leading to his arrest, the narrative continues to unfold, adding an air of mystery to Guglielmelli’s current circumstances and the aftermath of his actions.


Who is Dino Guglielmelli?
Dino Guglielmelli is an American businessman who gained notoriety for his involvement in a murder-for-hire plot against his wife, Monica Olsen.

What led to Dino Guglielmelli’s arrest?
Dino Guglielmelli was arrested in June 2014 for attempting to hire a hitman to murder his wife, Monica Olsen, as their relationship deteriorated.

What is Dino Guglielmelli’s current status?
As of now, Dino Guglielmelli is serving a nine-year prison sentence in Corcoran Prison, California.

What happened to Dino Guglielmelli’s businesses after his arrest?
Following his arrest, Dino Guglielmelli gave power of attorney to his brother Gino, and the company filed for bankruptcy.

What is the current narrative surrounding Dino Guglielmelli’s case?
The narrative continues to unfold, with lingering questions about the true events leading to Guglielmelli’s arrest, adding an air of mystery to his current circumstances and life behind bars.

Where is Dino Guglielmelli now?
Dino Guglielmelli is serving his prison sentence in Corcoran Prison, California.

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