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Barton Swaim Wikipedia Profile

Discover the multifaceted persona of Barton Swaim, an accomplished journalist and author, currently making waves at the Wall Street Journal. Dive into his Wikipedia details, exploring his age, net worth, biography, height, weight, career, and insights into his married life.

Barton Swaim: The Journalist and Author

Barton Swaim has been a prominent figure at the Wall Street Journal since 2017. His journey encompasses roles as a political novels writer, editorial page writer since 2018, and a regular book critic since 2012. Beyond the Journal, he contributes as a columnist to the Washington Post. Notably, from 2007 to 2010, Swaim served as a speechwriter for South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.

Barton Swaim’s Book: “The Speechwriter”

Apart from his journalistic endeavors, Barton Swaim is also an author. His book, titled “The Speechwriter: A Brief Education in Politics,” encapsulates his four-year stint as a lead representative.

Barton Swaim Wikipedia Profile Details

  • Name: Barton Swaim
  • Age: 51 Years Old
  • Birth Date: 1972
  • Birthplace: South Carolina, United States of America
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Wife: Laura Swaim
  • Religion: Christian
  • Nationality: American
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches (Approx)
  • Weight: 77 kg (Approx)
  • Net Worth: $750 Thousand

Unraveling Barton Swaim’s Early Life and Education

Born in 1972 in South Carolina, Barton Swaim, now 51, ventured into his academic journey at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Graduating with a Ph.D. in English in 2005, he laid the groundwork for his future endeavors.

Barton Swaim’s Diverse Career

From his role as a communications officer and speechwriter for Governor Mark Sanford to his current position as an editorial page writer at the Wall Street Journal, Barton Swaim’s career has been marked by versatility. Writing for renowned publications such as the Weekly Standard, Los Angeles Times, and New Criterion, he has left an indelible mark in the journalistic landscape.

Family Life: Barton Swaim’s Wife and Children

In his private life, Barton Swaim is married to Laura Swaim, and together they have three daughters. While the details of his children remain undisclosed, the family is an integral part of Swaim’s life.

Barton Swaim’s Physical Attributes

Standing at approximately 5 feet 8 inches and weighing around 77 kg, Barton Swaim possesses a distinctive physical presence. His brown hair and eyes contribute to his charismatic demeanor.

Barton Swaim’s Financial Standing: Net Worth

Barton Swaim’s net worth is estimated to be $750 thousand, a testament to his success as a novelist and editorial writer.

Notable Facts About Barton Swaim

  • Barton is a Wall Street Journal editorial writer and author.
  • He follows the Christian faith.
  • His notable works include “Scottish Men of Letters in the New Public Sphere,” “The Speechwriter,” and “The Speechwriter LiB/e.”
  • Barton’s annual salary from the Wall Street Journal is around $92,680.

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