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Angus Mitchell: Exploring the Life and Legacy

Personal Details:

  • Full Name: Angus Mitchell
  • Birth Year: 1970
  • Death Year: 2023 (at the age of 53)
  • Parent: Paul Mitchell (father)
  • Net Worth: Estimated at $6 million
  • Properties: Purchased former Larry David estate in 2017 for $18.5 million, Acquired Nelson Gidding’s residence in 2018 for $4.25 million

Who Is Angus Mitchell?

Angus Mitchell, born in 1970, was the sole heir to the Paul Mitchell empire. Inheriting his father’s stake in John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS), Angus continued the family legacy, serving not only as a salon owner but also as a model and spokesperson for the company’s men’s line, MITCH. Beyond hairstyling, Angus championed causes like human rights and environmental preservation.

Angus Mitchell Career and Achievements

Angus Mitchell’s career in the beauty industry was marked by significant achievements. In 2010, he opened the Angus Mitchell Salon in Beverly Hills, showcasing his commitment to excellence in hairstyling. Recognized as Be magazine’s #1 Platform Artist and honored by the Alternative Hair Show for supporting cancer research, he demonstrated dedication to both artistry and philanthropy.

The Cause of Angus Mitchell’s Death

The circumstances surrounding Angus Mitchell’s death, discovered in the pool at his Honolulu home, are under investigation. Authorities treat the incident as a drowning, leaving family, friends, and the beauty community in sorrow and uncertainty. The sudden loss of this influential figure has sparked condolences and tributes from the industry.

Angus Mitchell Impact on the Beauty Community

Angus Mitchell’s influence extended beyond the salon. As a co-owner of JPMS, he played a pivotal role in the company’s success, making him a respected figure in the beauty community. Colleagues and admirers mourn the loss of a visionary who shaped the landscape of hairstyling and beauty.

Angus Mitchell: The Business Mogul

Angus Mitchell’s financial success mirrored his achievements in the beauty world. Reports suggest his net worth to be around $6 million. Co-owning JPMS, founded by his father in 1980, Angus inherited Paul Mitchell’s stake, contributing to the company’s nationwide network of cosmetology and barber schools.

Angus Mitchell Properties

Beyond professional endeavors, Angus Mitchell invested in real estate. In 2017, he purchased the former Larry David estate for $18.5 million, and in 2018, he acquired the one-time home of screenwriter Nelson Gidding for $4.25 million.

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Angus Mitchell’s sudden departure has left a void in the hearts of those who admired his work, philanthropy, and advocacy. Investigations into the circumstances surrounding his death continue as the beauty community reflects on the legacy he leaves behind. From his role at JPMS to his influence as a salon owner, model, and advocate, Angus Mitchell’s impact on the industry will be remembered for years to come.


Who was Angus Mitchell? Angus Mitchell was the only son of renowned hairstylist Paul Mitchell, co-owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS), and a key figure in the beauty industry.

How did Angus Mitchell pass away? Angus Mitchell passed away at the age of 53, found in the swimming pool at his Honolulu home. Authorities are investigating the incident as a drowning.

What properties did Angus Mitchell own? Angus Mitchell owned the former Larry David estate, purchased in 2017 for $18.5 million, and the onetime home of screenwriter Nelson Gidding, acquired in 2018 for $4.25 million.

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