5 Reasons Why Use Paraphraser Instead of QuillBot

When it comes to paraphrasing tools, there are a lot of options to choose from, but Paraphraser and QuillBot are the two most popular ones in this huge crowd.

While both tools serve the same purpose and work on the same Natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, some features of Paraphraser make it much more effective than QuillBot.

So, what those reasons or features are that make Paraphraser a good tool than the other one? If you are also curious to know the reasons, then this article is for you.

Here, we’ll compare these two online AI-powered tools and explore some reasons why you might choose to use Paraphraser instead of QuillBot.

Quick Overview Paraphraser

Paraphraser – an online tool that utilizes advanced NLP in its algorithms, which help it to analyze the text and rephrase it more effectively while keeping the essence intact. The AI offers several unique features that only some of the online paraphrasing tools offer.

It offers six different rephrasing modes, and the good thing is three of them are available for free. It is a freemium online tool that you can use for free with some limitations (which we will discuss next).

So, this was just a quick overview of Paraphraser. Now, let’s move toward the next one.

Quick Overview of QuillBot

QuillBot is also an NLP-based paraphrasing tool that works to analyze the given text and provide you with a unique piece of text. This tool also has several unique features, but the bad thing is the majority of them available for premium users.

Furthermore, this tool provides seven effective rephrasing modes, but only the first two of them are available for free users.

So, this was a quick overview of QuillBot.

Now, let’s compare both of these paraphrasing tools.

Word Count

Winner: Paraphraser

As you know, both tools can also be used for free, but the real thing that comes in is their word limit for free users.

So, if we talk about the word limit of QuillBot, it provides only 125 words for each query, which is quite low for those who can’t purchase its premium. Along with this, a free non-registered user can only use this tool for only 5-times a day, but on the other hand, a free registered user can use it unlimited times but with the same 125-word limit.

paraphraser check
paraphraser check

However, on the other hand, Paraphraser provides 600 words limits, which is okay for a free user. Besides, non-registered free users can use this tool 20 times a day, and registered free users can use it unlimited times with the same 600-word limit.

Paraphraser words limits
Paraphraser words limits

So, if you consider word count as an important factor, then Paraphraser is much better than QuillBot.

Modes and Their Availability

Winner: Paraphraser

The next thing that also counts as an important factor in their modes and availability. Almost every online paraphrasing tool provides multiple different modes, so it must you should consider this as an essential part.

QuillBot offers seven different rephrasing modes, i.e., Standard, Fluency, Formal, Simple, Creative, Expand, and Shorten, and each of them works very effectively. But here comes the main part, QuillBot only allows the first two modes (Standard & Fluency) to be accessible for free users, and the other fives are for its premium users.

rephrasing modes
rephrasing modes

However, Paraphraser only offers six modes, i.e., Fluency, Standard, Word Changer, Creative, Smarter, and Shorten, and each of its modes effectively paraphrase the text and give output. Paraphraser has allowed half of its modes (three) to be available for its free users and the other three for its premium ones.

Paraphraser rephrasing modes
Paraphraser rephrasing modes

This actually makes a great impact because Paraphraser gives equality to its users, whether they are free or premium ones. We also admire that, QuillBot works more efficiently, but it gives priority to its premium users than free users.

Output Results

Winner: Paraphraser (With Low Diff.)

Now, if we talked about the accuracy or output of the result, then QuillBot wins, but not with a high difference. As you know, both tools work on the same technology, but in some scenarios, QuillBot got the lead.

QuillBot works to change words with different synonyms and also restructure sentences to rephrase effectively. Along with this, if you think any specific rephrased word doesn’t convey its original meaning, you can change it with the suggested synonyms. Similarly, it also provides a “Rephrase” button when you click on any sentence in the output. In this, it gives you two sentences, and you can choose anyone of them.

On the other hand, Paraphraser also works to change words with synonyms and also restructure some sentences. You can also change any specific word with its similar meaning word in the output. However, it doesn’t provide a feature where you can change the sentence as given in QuillBot.

However, if you notice something in QuillBot, then it rephrases the text and changes words with some inappropriate synonyms that don’t make sense. But, in the Paraphraser, it might change some words, but the changes are more accurate than QuillBot.

So, this is a low difference where QuillBot got the lead from Paraphraser.

Apps Availability

Winner: Paraphraser

Sometimes, you don’t have access to your laptop but want to use a paraphrasing tool on mobile, and in this scenario, you always look for a mobile application to do that with ease.

So, while keeping this user’s issue in mind, Paraphraser also provides its mobile application version for both operating system iOS and Android. You can download the specific version application from your mobile stores. Or, if you go to the footer of the tool’s website, they have provided options from where you can download the specific OS application on your mobile phone.

In contrast, QuillBot doesn’t have released its mobile application for its users. If anyone wants to use it, they can only use it as a web tool.

So, here Paraphraser also got the lead from QuillBot.

Availability of Other Tools

Winner: Paraphraser

Paraphraser and QuillBot, also known as online platforms, provide tools other than paraphrasing to their users. Those tools are:

  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Grammar Checker
  • Article Rewriter
  • Summarizer

These four tools are common in both of them, but the real thing is their availability.

In QuillBot, there are some of its tools, like its Paraphrasing tool, Summarizer, and Article Rewriter, are available for free with some limitations. But other tools like Plagiarism Checker are only available after upgrading to the premium version. This means if a free want to check their text for plagiarism, they can do it with the QuillBot plagiarism checker.

In Paraphraser, there is no such restriction available for its user to purchase their premium version and then get access to any of its specific tools. Whether you want to check plagiarism or grammar in your text, you can do that without paying any cost.

So, here also Paraphraser got the lead from QuillBot.


This article was all about a comparison between two online paraphrasing tools named Paraphraser and QuillBot. It is not wrong to say QuillBot is a very effective online tool, but in some cases, Paraphraser gives it leave behind to it.

We have talked about word count, modes and their availability, output results, other languages, availability of other tools, and pricing.

In the majority of these factors, Paraphraser got a high difference lead from QuillBot.

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