2024 Oscars: Best Picture Predictions Unveiled

2024 Oscars Best Picture Predictions: The 96th annual Academy Awards are on the horizon, scheduled for March 10, 2024, at the prestigious Dolby Theater. As the film industry eagerly anticipates this grand event, our focus shifts to the most coveted category: Best Picture. We present an exclusive glimpse into our updated 2024 Oscar predictions, delving into the leading contenders, strong contenders, and possible dark horses vying for the coveted statuette.

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Leading Contenders: A Closer Look

“American Fiction” (Amazon)

Director: Cord Jefferson | Writer: Cord Jefferson | Release Date: December 15, 2023

A thought-provoking narrative unfolds as “American Fiction” challenges societal norms. Cord Jefferson masterfully navigates a tale of hypocrisy and rebellion, featuring a stellar cast led by Jeffrey Wright and Tracee Ellis Ross.

“Anatomy of a Fall” (Le Pacte)

Director: Justine Triet | Writers: Justine Triet and Arthur Harari | Release Date: August 23, 2023

Suspense intertwines with morality in Justine Triet’s masterpiece. Sandra Hüller’s performance as a suspected murderer adds layers to a gripping plot that explores the complexities of witness testimony.

“Barbie” (Warner Bros.)

Director: Greta Gerwig | Writers: Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach | Release Date: July 21, 2023

Greta Gerwig breathes life into the iconic character, as Margot Robbie grapples with existential questions. “Barbie” promises a unique perspective, blending comedy and introspection.

“The Color Purple” (Warner Bros.)

Director: Blitz Bazawule | Writer: Marcus Gardley | Release Date: December 25, 2023

A musical odyssey through the struggles of an African American woman in the early 1900s, “The Color Purple” captivates with its emotional resonance. Blitz Bazawule’s directorial finesse brings Alice Walker’s novel to vivid life.

“The Holdovers” (Focus Features)

Director: Alexander Payne | Writer: David Hemingson | Release Date: November 10, 2023

Alexander Payne crafts a poignant narrative around the disliked Barton Academy teacher, portrayed by Paul Giamatti. “The Holdovers” explores unexpected connections and rebellious spirits, earning acclaim from critics.

“Killers of the Flower Moon” (Apple)

Director: Martin Scorsese | Writers: Martin Scorsese and Eric Roth | Release Date: October 20, 2023

Martin Scorsese delves into historical intrigue with a gripping tale of murder and FBI investigation. The stellar cast, led by Leonardo DiCaprio, promises a cinematic experience that lingers.

“Maestro” (Netflix)

Director: Bradley Cooper | Writers: Bradley Cooper and Josh Singer | Release Date: November 22, 2023

Bradley Cooper’s “Maestro” intricately weaves the complex love story of Leonard and Felicia. The film, featuring a stellar cast, explores the nuances of relationships across decades.

“Oppenheimer” (Universal)

Director: Christopher Nolan | Writer: Christopher Nolan | Release Date: July 21, 2023

Christopher Nolan takes on the challenge of narrating the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer’s pivotal role in atomic bomb development. The film promises a gripping exploration of science, ethics, and personal struggles.

“Past Lives” (A24)

Director: Celine Song | Writer: Celine Song | Release Date: June 2, 2023

Celine Song’s “Past Lives” unfolds a poignant reunion of childhood friends, navigating love and destiny. Greta Lee and Teo Yoo deliver standout performances in this emotional journey.

“Poor Things” (Searchlight)

Director: Yorgos Lanthimos | Writer: Tony McNamara | Release Date: January 12, 2024

Yorgos Lanthimos crafts a fantastical tale of resurrection, with Emma Stone in the lead. “Poor Things” promises a unique blend of science and whimsy, setting it apart in the Best Picture race.

“Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” (Sony)

Directors: Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers, and Justin K. Thompson | Writers: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, and Dave Callaham | Release Date: June 2, 2023

The animated spectacle “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” swings into contention with a multiverse narrative. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller’s creative vision promises a visually stunning and emotionally resonant experience.

“The Zone of Interest” (A24)

Director: Jonathan Glazer | Writer: Jonathan Glazer | Release Date: December 8, 2023

Jonathan Glazer explores the complexities of human nature against the backdrop of Auschwitz. “The Zone of Interest” promises a thought-provoking exploration, although critical reception awaits.

Strong Contenders: Emerging Excellence

“A Thousand and One” (Focus Features)

Director: A.V. Rockwell | Writer: A.V. Rockwell | Release Date: March 31, 2023

A.V. Rockwell’s “A Thousand and One” navigates the unapologetic journey of a mother reclaiming her sense of home. Teyana Taylor’s powerful performance adds depth to a narrative of resilience.

“Air” (Amazon/Warner Bros.)

Director: Ben Affleck | Writer: Alex Convery | Release Date: April 5, 2023

Ben Affleck’s “Air” chronicles the pursuit of greatness in sports marketing. The film, starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, promises a captivating exploration of ambition and corporate intrigue.

“Are You There God? It’s me, Margaret” (Lionsgate)

Director: Kelly-Fremon Craig | Writer: Kelly-Fremon Craig | Release Date: April 28, 2023

Kelly-Fremon Craig delves into the nuances of adolescence in “Are You There God? It’s me, Margaret.” Rachel McAdams leads an ensemble cast in a coming-of-age story that resonates with universal themes.

“Asteroid City” (Focus Features)

Director: Wes Anderson | Writers: Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola | Release Date: June 16, 2023

Wes Anderson’s whimsical touch graces “Asteroid City,” a narrative that disrupts worldviews. Jason Schwartzman and Scarlett Johansson lead a stellar cast in this imaginative exploration.

“The Iron Claw” (A24)

Director: Sean Durkin | Writer: Sean Durkin | Release Date: December 22, 2023

Sean Durkin unveils the gripping tale of the Von Erich brothers in “The Iron Claw.” Zac Efron and Lily James deliver compelling performances in this exploration of wrestling history.

“The Killer” (Netflix)

Director: David Fincher | Writer: Andrew Kevin Walker | Release Date: October 27, 2023

David Fincher’s “The Killer” weaves a tale of international intrigue and personal conflict. Michael Fassbender leads an ensemble cast in this gripping thriller with a personal twist.

“May December” (Netflix)

Director: Todd Haynes | Writers: Samy Burch and Alex Mechanik | Release Date: November 17, 2023

Todd Haynes explores the complexities of fame and relationships in “May December.” Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore lead a stellar cast in this captivating narrative.

“Rustin” (Netflix)

Director: George C. Wolfe | Writers: Julian Breece and Dustin Lance Black | Release Date: November 3, 2023

George C. Wolfe sheds light on a pivotal moment in history with “Rustin.” Colman Domingo and Chris Rock deliver powerful performances in this exploration of gay civil rights activism.

“Saltburn” (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)

Director: Emerald Fennell | Writer: Emerald Fennell | Release Date: November 24, 2023

Emerald Fennell’s “Saltburn” invites audiences into a world of infatuation and aristocratic eccentricity. Barry Keoghan and Rosamund Pike lead a captivating narrative set against the backdrop of a college summer.

Possible Contenders: Dark Horses on the Horizon

“Beau is Afraid” (A24)

Director: Ari Aster | Writer: Ari Aster | Release Date: April 14, 2021

Ari Aster’s “Beau is Afraid” explores anxiety and self-discovery with Joaquin Phoenix in the lead. While it may have premiered earlier, its unique narrative could earn it a place among the contenders.

“Creed III” (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)

Director: Michael B. Jordan | Writers: Ryan Coogler, Keenan Coogler, and Zach Baylin | Release Date: March 3, 2023

Michael B. Jordan takes the helm in “Creed III,” a film that promises more than just a boxing match. With strong familial themes, it stands as a potential dark horse in the Best Picture race.

“Elemental” (Disney)

Director: Peter Sohn | Writers: Peter Sohn, John Hoberg, Kat Likkel, and Brenda Hsueh | Release Date: June 16, 2023

“Elemental” introduces a world where diverse residents coexist. Peter Sohn’s imaginative direction and a talented cast may elevate this film into unexpected contention.

“Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant” (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer)

Director: Guy Ritchie | Writers: Guy Ritchie, Ivan Atkinson, and Marn Davies | Release Date: April 21, 2023

Guy Ritchie’s war drama, “The Covenant,” unfolds against the backdrop of Afghanistan. The film’s intense narrative and strong performances could position it as a dark horse contender.

“Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” (Disney)

Director: James Mangold | Writers: James Mangold, Jez Butterworth, John-Henry Butterworth, and David Koepp | Release Date: June 30, 2023

James Mangold’s take on the iconic archaeologist in “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” promises a thrilling adventure. With Harrison Ford reprising his role, it could be a surprise entry in the Best Picture race.

“Infinity Pool” (Elevation Pictures)

Director: Brandon Cronenberg | Writer: Brandon Cronenberg | Release Date: January 22, 2023

Brandon Cronenberg’s “Infinity Pool” unravels a resort’s dark secrets. While it may face challenges due to its early release, its unique blend of horror and social commentary makes it a dark horse worth watching.

“John Wick: Chapter Four” (Lionsgate)

Director: Chad Stahelski | Writers: Shay Hatten and Michael Finch | Release Date: March 24, 2023

The action-packed “John Wick: Chapter Four” brings Keanu Reeves back to the big screen. While unconventional for the category, its thrilling narrative could propel it into contention.

“Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One” (Paramount)

Director: Christopher McQuarrie | Writers: Christopher McQuarrie and Erik Jendresen | Release Date: July 12, 2023

The latest installment in the “Mission: Impossible” franchise, “Dead Reckoning Part One,” promises high-stakes espionage. Its box office success and engaging plot could surprise as a dark horse.

“Napoleon” (Apple/Columbia)

Director: Ridley Scott | Writer: David Scarpa | Release Date: November 22, 2023

Ridley Scott’s personal exploration of Napoleon Bonaparte’s life brings a unique perspective. Despite mixed critical reception, its thematic depth may propel it into unexpected contention.

“Nimona” (Netflix)

Directors: Nick Bruno and Troy Quane | Writers: Nick Bruno, Troy Quane, Robert L. Baird, Lloyd Taylor, Pamela Ribon, Marc Haimes, and Keith Bunin | Release Date: June 23, 2023

A futuristic medieval tale, “Nimona,” blends adventure and identity. Nick Bruno and Troy Quane’s animated creation could be a dark horse, appealing to a wide audience.

“Tetris” (Apple)

Director: Jon S. Baird | Writer: Noah Pink | Release Date: March 31, 2023

Jon S. Baird’s “Tetris” explores the journey of a video game becoming a global sensation. While it faces challenges, the film’s unique subject matter may earn it a place among the contenders.

Conclusion: Anticipating Oscars 2024

As the 2024 Oscars draw near, the Best Picture category promises a diverse and captivating lineup. From established filmmakers to emerging talents, each contender adds a unique flavor to the cinematic landscape. The final nominations and eventual winner will undoubtedly shape the narrative of the year in film. Stay tuned as we eagerly await the grand celebration of cinematic excellence at the Dolby Theater on March 10, 2024.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

  1. Q: When and where will the 2024 Oscars take place?
    • A: The 2024 Oscars are scheduled for March 10, 2024, and will be held at the Dolby Theater, the traditional venue for this prestigious event.
  2. Q: Which films are eligible for consideration at the 96th annual Academy Awards?
    • A: Films released theatrically from January 1 to December 31 of 2023 are eligible for consideration at the 96th annual Academy Awards.
  3. Q: How are the Best Picture predictions determined?
    • A: The predictions take into account various factors, including the pedigree of filmmakers, critical reception to their previous work, box office performance, and the track record of studios.
  4. Q: When do the nominations for the Best Picture category get announced?
    • A: Nominations voting begins on January 11, 2024, and the final contenders are announced on January 23, 2024.
  5. Q: How long is the voting process for the Oscars?
    • A: Voting for the 10 shortlisted categories runs from Dec. 14 to 18. Nominations voting takes place over six days starting on Jan. 11, 2024, and final voting begins on Feb. 22, 2024.
  6. Q: Are there any standout contenders among the films listed?
    • A: Yes, some leading contenders include “American Fiction,” “Anatomy of a Fall,” “Barbie,” “The Holdovers,” and “Killers of the Flower Moon.”
  7. Q: Are there any dark horse contenders that might surprise audiences?
    • A: Films like “Infinity Pool,” “John Wick: Chapter Four,” and “Napoleon” could potentially emerge as dark horse contenders due to their unique narratives and strong performances.
  8. Q: Who are some of the notable directors and actors in the running for Best Picture?
    • A: Directors such as Martin Scorsese, Greta Gerwig, and Christopher Nolan, along with actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, and Bradley Cooper, are associated with leading and strong contenders.
  9. Q: How are the Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic scores used in predicting Best Picture winners?
    • A: Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic scores are considered as indicators of critical acclaim and audience reception, contributing to the overall assessment of a film’s potential success.

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