000Webhost Review 2024 – Is it Free ?

000Webhost Review, Rating : Actually there is such information about free hosting that any webmaster or website builder will have to keep in mind before using 000Webhost.

In this review, I will give you a little more information and not just say that “000Webhost is free and what would be better than free?!” To put my question differently, I want to say that:

If 000Webhost is free and other service providers charge money, then what is wrong with it? Why you should not use 000Webhost by reading 000Webhost Review and everyone will know when to do it.

By the end of this review, you will get all the information whether you want to use 000Webhost to create your new website or not and in what condition.

Like other brand names, the internet has magically brought you to this review despite all the 000Webhost writing mistakes, so don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

Or whether you have written 00Webhost or oooWebhost, the internet has brought you to the right place. Here you will get all the information.

For those of you who want to know this thing in short words: 000Webhost is a very easy way if we have to do some kind of web work or small type of web work, it also has some flaws, some security problems in it. There are also so that if you have to do some important work, then use only websites with money, such as hostinger.

Before we come to the subject of our review without thinking anything, let us first find out

How Free Web Hosting Works

How web hosting company works as a (free) free hosting provider Whenever you come to an internet website or use an app on your mobile device, you make a request in an easy way ( Clicking on your mobile screen) and getting some response from it (loading a new site).

And you want the website to give some answer, it does not matter to us what is the time, which month is this month or which season of the year is going on. We have got used to this thing, we feel that the web always works.

Its context is that in order to use a website (which is a bunch of files) every second, it should be running a computer which is running throughout the day and which has an internet connection without any problem, which continues to run without stopping.

It is very difficult or impossible to be on an ordinary laptop, for this websites use a powerful computer (which is only for this work) which we call server.

Servers are not cheap at all, their cost ranges from $500-$5000, and its price goes up to that. For this also they work non-stop, servers also consume a lot of electricity and their daily expenses are also incurred which can be done only by those people who get the qualification for this work.

If it costs money to set up a server, it costs money to run it, it costs money to run it – then if someone is letting you use it for free, then it is either a donor who has a lot of money or his There are ways to earn money from that server to cover your expenses!

There are two main ways to do this:

By placing ads on their website (Placing ads on the hosted websites): They either belong to their company or to any other company that pays to run that server,

  • Money is earned by giving services and keeping facilities low for free ones (Offering paid upgrades and extra services) – so that people take more paid services, if we know more about it, then this is the purpose in the end. Want to restrict as much as possible in both the ways.
  • In the first way, their server costs are reduced – in the second way, it encourages people so that more and more people take money services.

What obstacles are we talking about here?

You must be thinking that, let me tell you, to start with, I want to tell you that reduce the limit of sending data between the internet and the computer of the month, this means that more traffic will come to your website. slows down the feature. This reduces the maximum reach of your website and also reduces your traffic, this means that you will not be able to provide videos and good quality images.

Another way can be that your service provider can tell that your website will not be able to run for 24 hours / 7 days / 12 months, it will run only for 23 hours / 7 days / 12 months. In other words I want to state that your website will be closed for 5% of the time. To get this information using 000Webhost, you can scroll down on their status page to see a sample of the last 30 days.

To the best of our knowledge, your website will not work fast; It will work very slowly in any way and sometimes it will run very slowly so that people will not use or reduce your website. And this can also be true because the hosting providers are not taking money from the free users, then will they allow you to make full use of their facilities (memory and computing power).

And lastly, free hosting does not allow you to use any custom address (website.com) – any sub-address that is already provided by your domain name from your hosting provider (eg website.webhostapp) .com).

This is how 000Webhost works – its business is run just like we told you.

So if you want to make your free website on 000Webhost then please keep these things in mind.

I want to tell you about those money websites that we were talking about earlier.

Here only you will understand the whole thing that how 000Webhost gives all its expenses which come due to its web servers which run very expensive. Let’s find out how good their money plans are:

000Webhost Free and Paid Plans

Free and Paid Plans oft 000Webhost

You can see that on 000Webhost’s website. There are four hosting plans on 000Webhost’s website, out of which only one is free or free, the remaining three plans have some features which are not in the free one:

By visiting 000Webhost, as you can see on the left side or side, you can get more information that despite the ban which is free or free plan, there are many drawbacks or flaws in spite of this –

  • No dedicated support – There you get very few facilities. For example, if you ask any question or question, then the website hosting provider is not able to answer your questions or not and only users with free account or free account meet each other while helping each other. Those who themselves are not even aware of this.
  • No email accounts – If there is no email account here, then you forget to talk to the users of your website or talk to business partner, but here you should give up trying to do big things.
  • No access to the Auto-Installer – Here you cannot even use the website’s auto installer, which does all your work by clicking or pressing three or four times in most places. Here only one software is available for free which is WordPress and this is enough for beginning users.

Here your backup is not done automatically and the disk space you get is also only 1 gigabyte but it is not such a big deal as compared to what we told above (bandwidth, speed, availability and domains) as we have Told in the first lesson.

In what is their money plan, however, some restrictions are removed, which gives some help to the users and which also has a 30-day money back guarantee.

In a single plan, you get more server facilities, your own email account and live support are also available and your website will be running 99.9% of the time, it is also guaranteed that your website is safe at the same time.

In their premium plan, you will get more features on your website such as your website will load faster and apart from this you can create your own domain name which you will be allowed to create for free and not website.000webhostapp.com for people to visit your website. You will be able to use your website by putting your website.com on your browser.

One very important thing you should know about 000Webhost’s paid plan is that hosting is provided by someone else or on behalf of someone else.

Hostinger is another well-known hosting provider which belongs to the same business group and you get Hostinger account when you take 000Webhost money plan, why it is so important to know about it because-

The 2015 Security Breach

In which 000Webhost’s 13.5 million clients’ accounts were exposed or removed by hackers because there was a code vulnerability in the hosting provider’s database which they took advantage of and then they put 13.5 million accounts on sale in the black market or black market In which the names, IP addresses and passwords of the clients were also entered.

There is a great source or resource that says “Have I been scammed or is my data safe?” Whether or not the person who collects the data has the security breaches of the web, where you can enter your email and get information that whatever website you use has ever been compromised or they have sold your data or hackers got your data from that provider. Have tried to remove

To my surprise, I learned that my account was breached at 000Webhost provider, with a million more different clients who also had their website on 000Webhost:

When security specialists tried to find out more about this breach or breach, it was discovered that 000Webhost has made many such mistakes in the past and is unsafe for the client, including these things:

  • He was getting clients to login to the login page without a non-encrypted connection or without an encryption connection, which means that any person who has some information can steal the user’s data from this website.
  • They were also running their support forums on an outdated or older version which was vBulletin software (3.8.2) which was out of date 6 years ago since 2015 the new version was 5.1.9 at that time.
  • Not using email validation, which can mean that any user who wants to create an account can create an account from any email whether it is his email or not.

Obviously 000Webhost apologized and corrected this mistake. Rather they rectify their mistakes very quickly so that we can say that 000Webhost is now very safe because of that breach from a few years ago.

Although we should keep this point in our mind that building a website on a free hosting provider is still not the best way or not the right way – I want to take my point further and tell that if you want something free. If you are getting it then you cannot complain that it is not working properly or doing wrong thing. If I say straight, then the thing is that you cannot complain if you have not paid for this thing.?

So does this mean that the hosting provider with the money is more secure or better?

And the answer will be yes because if you are taking money from someone for any work, then you will have to provide service in money, you will also have to work for them, otherwise your clients will leave your service provider, will not take your service or will not give you work. Oh the abandoned clients, they will also forbid other people to use your service, which will stop your work.?

It is not necessary that the free hosting providers should give you good service for free, but they have a very good purpose that they should not give you such service because they want you to use a money plan, which they also need hosting. To keep the provider running. The only suggestion is to use it yourself and know whether the free hosting provider is right for you or not.

What we’ve done at Satori Webmaster Academy

We have done this on a large scale.

On this side of our review, we will give you our opinion about 000Webhost to help you decide whether you should use 000Webhost to build a website or not.

000Webhost our verdict: our opinion

Our point about 000Webhost is that in order to get complete information about whether we should use 000Webhost or not, we have created our own free account (client account) which is named “satoristudio” it means the address which (address) given to us is satoristudio.000Webhostapp.com – however that website is not available because 000Webhost closed it last year for some reason they didn’t even consider it necessary to tell us.

The first thing they should say about 000Webhost is that it is very easy to use.

It took just 2 minutes to create an account and put WordPress on it. Can’t even make Maggi in 2 minutes? We liked it even better than GoDaddy.

But you get a lot of messages and banners that you should use a better hosting plan, but we have not yet felt that we should take a better plan apart from a useless looking email address?.

And what is the speed of loading of 000Webhost after a wordpress is entered and after installing bento theme, it is very light, despite that it is 6 seconds which is twice the order of Google but do not forget that you All this is available for free!

To remind you once again, you will also see 000Webhost’s ad below on your website which also covers the footer of your website – which sometimes does not even load the image of the ad, just a link appears. Which looks very useless where it says “No images can be loaded

Placeholder (place maker):

From where you get to know that you are using a free website provider, that is web traffic restriction (reducing new visitors to the website)

There can be only 500 requests per minute on each account, which is not a visitor, it is called just one click, it takes 30–100 requests to load a webpage.

what is the meaning of this? This means that whenever a new visitor comes to your website and if they load 3 pages, then you will have sent 150 requests, then the restriction we talked about above will be 5-10 page views per minute.

We have loaded the website by opening it again and again from different devices, due to which the website started loading more slowly, which if a user uses it, will not come to your site for the second time or will he get upset after seeing the loading? .

Now that we are talking about stopping, there is one more thing that we would like to tell – the maximum allowed number of inodes. Meaning that whatever files and directories are in the desk.

Whenever you install a new WordPress plugin on 000Webhost, it will be counted in your inode limit.

This may sound useless to you but it is a matter to think that WordPress core (which is a new installation with no plugins) also fills your 20% inode limit on 000Webhost.

You will have to install more than one WordPress plugin but it is worth mentioning to know that your inode limit of 20,000 will end, while on the other hand the cheapest plan also gives us 250,000 limit?.

And finally I would like to talk about the closure of your website for some time:

000Webhost makes it clear that it does not run like other service providers (which are 99.9% or more).

According to the service status page of 000Webhost, the average statistic for 30 days is 99%.

You may not find this 0.99% to be much, but it is 40 minutes–7 hours a month!?

There is no problem in this when you are working on your website, but when a new user comes to your website and he will have this problem then he will not trust your website and he will not like your website.

If you see a glitch then there will be no support on 000Webhost to help you – which makes sense because if there is a support staff then they will have to pay a salary which a free website cannot do.

But there is a forum where users can write their complaint and they get help from other 000Webhost. Time to get a reply can take up to a week which is a lot of team.

One good thing is that the old forums are not deleted, so if you think your problem is not different, then you can open the old forum and see your answer in it.

Pros and Cons of 000Webhost

000Webhost’s which we have taken out in all the ways and keeping in mind all the things and which we think is very important, on the basis of which we will come to our final answer, here it is:

Pros of 000Webhost

  • It is free for everyone and you can create as many accounts as you want, but after a few years and spam starts coming to your email, do not be surprised.
  • The way of signing up is very easy and WordPress gets installed free on your website because of the built in automatic installer. The hosting control panel is not very good, whatever is there for your work will be there such as files, data manager , email box and other security things will also happen.
  • The speed of page loading is also nothing special, but considering that it is free, there should be no problem in it. And if 50-100 visitors come to your website, then you should not even have the problem of traffic overloading. And did we tell you that it is absolutely free??

Cons of 000Webhost

  • The only option you have for a website address is something like https://sitename.000webhostapp.com – which you can’t trust and your visitor will have trouble remembering. You can take a domain name from anywhere else and add it to your 000Webhost account, but you will have problems in both places because you will not get a free website nor a free domain name. On the next side you will find more about this;
  • Ads will be shown on your 000Webhost at the bottom which sometimes does not show the image and does not look good to see “broken image icon”.
  • When the limit of your website will be 500 requests, that means only 2-3 people per minute. When this limit is reached, the speed of page loading will also decrease, which will cause problems to the users and the website will not even open for some time. There is a big problem.
  • Due to the information of moving average, your website will be offline or closed for hours in a week, which will happen at night if your luck is good.
  • The maximum number of files you can put in can also run out very quickly, which will only have a WordPress website and a few plugins such as Jetpack.
  • You have only one forum in the name of customer support on which you can put your questions and rest of the users will help you which takes a lot of time, one week to work. There is no email, phone or live chat support in the free plan.

Is 000Webhost worth using?

You must have noticed that the profit and loss are not the same, the profit work and the loss is more. What do you think will be the answer for us on using it?

According to us you should use 000Webhost. When you are building your first website. You cannot invest your money on just one idea, so use it only when you are building a first website.

So without wasting your money, build your free website on 000Webhost and see how you get people.

When your idea is working and you know that it can work, then you can give a better look to your website by taking a money plan, this will save your money and your website will also keep running. Your visitors will not pay attention to your website if anything.000webhostapp.com is written in its address or else you will put AIDS on the footer at the bottom of your website.

The good thing for you is that you will not have to spend much money for a good website.

A good cheap plan (meaning basic plan of hostinger) will also make your website better and visitors will like it, you will get all the facilities of the best service provider and there will be no problem of free plan of 000Webhost.

You can give money every three months, not for a year, because of this you will have to pay less money recently and you will benefit.?

If you want to buy a plan from hostinger, or are doing, definitely read our review (like you just read 000Webhost Review) in which we will tell you how you can get 15% discount on which are already cheap.

Have you already used 000Webhost? Or are you still having trouble making a choice for your web idea? You can talk to the rest of 000Webhost in the comments below – let’s start the conversation.

and if you do not know how to use wordpress on 000Webhost then read the article here – WordPress Installation on 000WebHost Free Hosting

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