Taniya Nayak Wikipedia, Ethnicity, Biography, Career, Net Worth, Husband

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Taniya Nayak: The Accomplished Interior Designer’s Journey Unveiled

Taniya Nayak’s Rise to Prominence

Discover the journey of Taniya Nayak, a renowned interior designer, celebrated for her design expertise on HGTV and the Food Network. Learn about her thriving business, Taniya Nayak Design, Inc., based in Boston, and her distinctive approach to creating fresh and clean looks for both commercial and residential spaces.

Television Stardom

Explore Taniya’s impact on television, where she has hosted and designed for various HGTV shows like ‘Designed to Sell,’ ‘House Hunters on Vacation,’ ‘Billion Dollar Block,’ and ‘Urban Oasis in Boston.’ Dive into her role as a designer on the Food Network’s ‘Restaurant: Impossible,’ where she utilized her creativity to save and revitalize failing eateries.

Taniya Nayak Wikipedia, Biography, Age, Husband, Parents, Family

Taniya Nayak’s Personal Details

Uncover the personal side of Taniya Nayak, from her birth in Nagpur, India, on February 22, 1973, to her current age of 50. Delve into details about her family, including her architect father B.D. Nayak, mother Leela Nayak, and sister Yoshika Sherring. Explore her educational journey from Weymouth High School to a Master of Arts degree in Interior Design.


Professional Achievements

Witness Taniya Nayak’s remarkable career, from her association with MDC Interior Solutions to introducing a new wallcovering range. Explore her role as an HGTV design expert, presenting episodes and coaching on shows like ‘Battle on the Beach.’ Learn about her hosting role on ABC’s ‘The Great Christmas Light Fight’ and her ambassadorship for Ellen Degeneres’ home goods line, “ED On Air.”

Taniya Nayak Husband

Get insights into Taniya Nayak’s personal life, including her blissful marriage to successful restaurant owner Brian O’Donnell. Learn about their meeting in Boston, their marriage in 2007, and Brian’s ownership of several restaurants. Discover their shared moments when they’re not immersed in their respective careers.

Net Worth

Financial Success

Explore Taniya Nayak’s net worth, estimated at $5 million, primarily attributed to her flourishing career as an interior designer. Gain an understanding of her diverse projects, from Trademark Condominiums to working on the houses of notable athletes like Patrice Bergeron and Cam Neeley.

Some Important Facts

Key Highlights

Unearth interesting facts about Taniya Nayak, including her multicultural background of American and Indian ethnicities. Explore her notable appearances on TV shows, her contributions to various restaurants and projects, and her collaboration with MDC Interior Solutions.

Social Media Handles

Stay Connected

Follow Taniya Nayak’s journey on social media through her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter handles. Stay updated on her latest projects, insights, and behind-the-scenes glimpses.




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