Personal Injury Lawyer Kansas City

Personal Injury Lawyer Kansas City – Langdon & Emison: Your Trusted Personal Injury Lawyers in Kansas City. With over 30 years of expertise, our attorneys specialize in car accidents, trucking incidents, defective products, and more. Contact us for fair compensation and dedicated legal representation.

Overview Of Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyer Langdonemison.Com

If you’ve experienced injuries in Kansas City, Missouri, securing a skilled attorney can profoundly impact your case’s outcome. Enter Langdon & Emison Personal Injury Attorneys, professionals at championing personal injury cases, guiding you through the legal process for optimal financial recovery.

Expertise and Commitment

Kansas personal injury lawyer Langdon & Emison specializes in obtaining fair compensation for injuries caused by negligence. Emphasizing quality representation, outstanding customer service, and reasonable fees, they go the extra mile to ensure justice for their clients.

Wondering if you need a personal injury attorney after an accident? The answer depends on the extent of your injuries and accident responsibility. Reach out to Langdon & Emison for guidance on the next steps. They handle various cases, including vehicle crashes, truck accidents, motorcycle collisions, slip and fall incidents, and wrongful death claims.

Specialized Assistance for Different Cases

Car Accident

If you’ve been affected by a car accident, contact the Kansas City car accident Lawyer – Langdon & Emison. They assist in navigating complex state laws, ensuring fair compensation for injuries or loss.

Truck Accident

Kansas City truck accident lawyer Langdon & Emison addresses the severe consequences of trucking accidents, offering expertise in issues like negligent hiring practices, driver fatigue, and defects.

Defective Products

Langdon & Emison’s reputation spans over 30 years, excelling in product defect cases involving tire defects, talcum powder, workplace equipment, and more.

Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

Specializing in catastrophic injuries, Langdon & Emison aids victims of brain and spinal cord injuries, securing compensation for auto accidents, trucking accidents, defective products, and related incidents.

Nursing Home Abuse

With elder abuse affecting millions, Langdon & Emison advocates for victims, identifying signs of abuse and neglect and holding nursing homes accountable.

Defective Medical Device

Handling cases involving faulty medical devices, Langdon & Emison has a proven track record, securing over $700 million in verdicts and settlements.

Harmful Prescription Drugs

They also tackle cases related to harmful prescription drugs, holding pharmaceutical companies accountable for adverse effects.

Beyond these, Langdon & Emison handles cases like railroad accidents, gas explosions, business interruption insurance, defective roadway, and signage hazards.

Reasons To Consider Hiring Personal Injury Lawyer Kansas City

Langdon & Emison, with over 30 years of experience, is a reputable personal injury law firm. They’ve recovered nearly $1 billion, holding large corporations accountable for their actions. Their goal is to achieve the best outcome for clients.

How To Contact Personal Injury Lawyer Kansas City

For legal assistance in Kansas City, contact Langdon & Emison at:

  • Office address: 1828 Swift Street, Suite 303, North Kansas City, MO 64116
  • Phone number: (816) 800-9871
  • Website:

Key Takeaway

Langdon & Emison’s legal team, recognized for over 30 years of exceptional work, excels in various practice areas. They’ve served as lead counsel in high-profile trials, won cases at all court levels, and obtained substantial recoveries for clients.


For the best personal injury lawyer in Kansas City, Langdon & Emison should be your first choice. Their expertise in navigating personal injury claims, including wrongful death and traffic accidents, makes them invaluable in the legal system.

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