Are Luke Newton and Nicola Coughlan Dating? Unveiling the Real Relationship Behind “Bridgerton”

Since the debut of Netflix’s hit series “Bridgerton” in 2020, fans have been captivated by the on-screen chemistry between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, portrayed by Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton, respectively. With the upcoming third season dedicated to their characters’ romance, excitement among fans is at an all-time high. However, beyond their roles as a beloved fictional couple, Nicola and Luke share a close friendship in real life, which adds depth to their on-screen chemistry.

Friendship Beyond the Camera

Away from the glamorous world of Bridgerton, Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton share a genuine friendship. In interviews, Nicola expressed her gratitude for having Luke as her partner on the show, emphasizing the trust and camaraderie they share. Luke reciprocated this sentiment, acknowledging the pressures that come with portraying a beloved on-screen couple but also expressing his appreciation for the love their characters’ relationship receives from fans.

Navigating Intimacy Scenes

Despite the romantic and steamy scenes required by their roles, Nicola and Luke approached filming with a sense of humor and professionalism. Nicola recalled moments of laughter during particularly romantic scenes, attributing their ease to their off-screen friendship. Luke echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the support they provide each other on set, making even the most awkward moments more manageable. Their ability to laugh together and support one another contributed to the authenticity of their on-screen chemistry.

Social Media Favorite Friendship

Nicola and Luke’s friendship extends beyond the set of Bridgerton and often delights fans on social media. Under the hashtag #Polin, they frequently share adorable snapshots of their off-screen bond. In June 2023, Nicola took to Instagram to celebrate Luke’s West End debut, showcasing their supportive friendship to the world. Their genuine connection off-screen only adds to the appeal of their on-screen partnership.

Are Nicola and Luke Dating?

As fans continue to swoon over Nicola and Luke’s on-screen chemistry, speculation about their real-life relationship has emerged. However, both actors have clarified that they are close friends and not romantically involved. Luke was previously in a relationship with actress Jade Louise Davies, while Nicola’s romantic life has been less publicized. Despite rumors, the duo’s friendship remains steadfast, proving that their bond transcends the screen.


In conclusion, Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton’s friendship serves as a heartwarming counterpart to their on-screen partnership in Bridgerton. Their genuine connection, both on and off-screen, contributes to the authenticity of Penelope and Colin’s romance, captivating audiences worldwide. While fans may continue to speculate about their relationship status, Nicola and Luke’s unwavering friendship is a testament to the power of genuine connection in the entertainment industry. As they continue to charm audiences with their talents, one thing remains certain: Nicola and Luke’s friendship is a treasure to be cherished both on and off-screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Claudia Jessie and Nicola Coughlan Friends? Yes, Claudia Jessie and Nicola Coughlan are indeed friends. Their real-life bond adds depth to their on-screen friendship, which has resonated with many fans. Their close relationship off-screen contributes to the authenticity of their characters’ dynamic on the show.

How Old is Luke Newton from Bridgerton? Luke Newton, who portrays Colin Bridgerton in the series, is 31 years old.

Was Nicola Coughlan in Barbie? Yes, Nicola Coughlan, known for her role in Bridgerton, was indeed in the Barbie movie. However, her role in the film turned out to be shorter than expected due to scheduling conflicts.

Who is Luke Bridgerton’s Girlfriend? Luke Newton, the actor who plays Colin Bridgerton, was previously in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Jade Louise Davies. However, it appears that they have broken up after being together for four years.

Why was Nicola Coughlan’s Role in Barbie So Short? Nicola Coughlan’s part in the Barbie movie was briefer than expected due to scheduling conflicts. Despite her shorter role, Nicola reflected positively on her experience after the movie’s London premiere, sharing her thoughts on social media.

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