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Early Life and Background

Maurice Olivari, born in 1947 in Marseille, France, was a renowned French journalist known for his exceptional reporting skills. Raised in a cosmopolitan environment by his Corsican father and Tunisian mother, Olivari developed a passion for languages and journalism from a young age. He pursued higher education in law at the University of Aix-Marseille before embarking on his career as a reporter.

  • Name: Maurice Olivari
  • Age: 76 years old (at the time of death)
  • Birth Date: 1947
  • Birthplace: Marseille, France
  • Nationality: French
  • Ethnicity: Corsican (father) and Tunisian (mother)
  • Father: Not Known
  • Mother: Unknown
  • Wife: Anna
  • Children: Not specified


Maurice Olivari began his journalistic career in France, working as a reporter for regional information bureaus in Montpellier and Marseille. In 1980, he moved to the United States and joined TF1 as a journalist in New York. Throughout his career, Olivari covered a wide range of topics, including politics, culture, social issues, and entertainment. He gained recognition for his coverage of significant events such as the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, the Challenger accident, and the Iran-Contra scandal.

In 1991, Olivari was appointed as the permanent correspondent for TF1 in Rome, Italy, where he spent over two decades reporting on key events in Italy, the Vatican, and the Middle East. His professionalism, precision, and narrative abilities made him a respected figure among his colleagues and sources. He had the opportunity to interview prominent figures, including heads of state, religious leaders, and celebrities.

Personal Life

Maurice Olivari was married to Anna, an Italian journalist who worked for Vatican Radio. The couple had children who were born and raised in Rome, Italy. Olivari was described as a passionate husband and father who cherished his family. He also maintained a close relationship with his parents and siblings in France. Beyond his career in journalism, Olivari had diverse interests, including reading, writing, drawing, and playing music.


Maurice Olivari passed away on February 13, 2024, at the age of 76. His death was mourned by TF1, where he had been a longstanding journalist and foreign correspondent since 1976. Throughout his career, Olivari contributed significantly to the field of journalism, covering international events and providing valuable insights to viewers.

Physical Attributes

  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)
  • Weight: 68 kg (150 lbs)
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown

Net Worth

At the time of his death, Maurice Olivari had accumulated a net worth of approximately $3 million through his successful career in journalism.

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