Kichannagari Laxma Reddy: A Detailed Look into His Life and Achievements

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Who is Kichannagari Laxma Reddy?

Kichannagari Laxma Reddy stands out as the visionary behind the success of KLR Industries Ltd. Presently residing in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, he has also made a mark in the realm of politics as a member of the Indian National Congress. While his exact birth date remains uncertain, it is widely speculated that he was born between the years 1953 and 1973.

Unveiling the Wikipedia Profile

Full Name: Kichannagari Laxma Reddy

Date of Birth: 1953-1973

Age: 50-70 years (As of 2023)

Birthplace: Hyderabad, India

Profession: Businessman, Politician

Nationality: Indian

Religion: Hindu

Caste: General

School: Local High School

Alma Mater: Local University

Highest Qualification: Post Graduate

Exploring Biographical Facts

Kichannagari Laxma Reddy’s academic journey led him to Osmania University, where he obtained a Master of Science degree in Biknoor in the year 1980. In 2009, he achieved victory in the Medhcal Constituency, securing the title of Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA). He maintained his affiliation with the Indian National Congress and was actively involved with companies such as KLR Mining Equipments Limited, KLR Industries Limited, Volga Properties Limited, and others.

Delving into Family

Marital Status: Married

Wife: Not Available

Father/Mother: Not Available

Children: Not Available

Siblings: Not Available

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Unveiling the Net Worth

Have you ever wondered about Kichannagari Laxma Reddy’s net worth? His financial status is estimated to be around INR 35-70 crore, approximately.

Height and Weight Details

  • Height: Approximately 5 feet 5-10 inches
  • Weight: Approximately 69 kg
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kichannagari Laxma Reddy’s religion?

Kichannagari Laxma Reddy follows Hinduism.

How old is Kichannagari Laxma Reddy?

As of 2023, Kichannagari Laxma Reddy is in the age range of 50-70 years.

In conclusion, Kichannagari Laxma Reddy’s life journey is marked by his significant contributions to the business world and his active role in Indian politics. His accomplishments, coupled with his enigmatic background, make him a noteworthy figure worth exploring further.

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