Emily Kaplan: A Remarkable Journey in Sports Journalism

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Emily Kaplan has established herself as a prominent figure in the world of sports journalism, with a primary focus on the National Hockey League (NHL). Her transformation from an ardent hockey enthusiast to a highly respected reporter and journalist at ESPN is a captivating story. In this article, we will delve into Emily Kaplan’s life and career, exploring her early days, education, career milestones, and some intriguing personal details.

Emily Kaplan’s Biography

  • Full Name: Emily Kaplan
  • Date of Birth: May 7, 1991
  • Age (as of 2023): 32 Years
  • Place of Birth: New Jersey, United States
  • Profession: Reporter
  • College: Penn State University
  • Qualification: Graduate in Journalism
  • Physical Statistics:
    • Height: 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)
    • Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)
    • Hair Color: Blonde
    • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Family:
    • Father: Dave Kaplan
    • Mother: Naomi Kaplan
    • Sisters: Leah Kaplan (Elder), Eva Kaplan (Younger)
  • Net Worth: Estimated around $3 million

Early Life and Family

Born on May 7, 1991, in New Jersey, United States, Emily Kaplan had a nurturing upbringing within her family. Her parents, Dave Kaplan and Naomi Kaplan, provided her with a loving environment. Emily shared her childhood with two sisters, Leah Kaplan (the elder sister) and Eva Kaplan (the younger sister). Her special bond with her father, who worked as a Sunday sports editor for the New York Daily News, was formed over their shared passion for hockey. They spent countless hours watching New York Rangers’ games, nurturing her love for the sport.

Education and Career Beginnings

Emily’s academic journey led her to Montclair High School between 2005 and 2009. Following high school, her passion for journalism drove her to enroll at Penn State University, where she earned her journalism degree in 2013. This solid educational foundation laid the groundwork for her future success in sports reporting.

Emily Kaplan’s Career

Emily Kaplan’s career as a reporter and journalist has been exceptionally impressive. She has played a crucial role in ESPN’s NHL coverage since 2017 and is widely recognized for her work in Disney’s NHL coverage. One of her significant roles is co-hosting the “In The Crease” podcast, dedicated to all things NHL, alongside the legendary sportscaster Linda Cohn, a Hall of Famer.

Through her reporting, Emily provides insights into the world of the NHL, sharing stories about the players, their experiences, and the challenges they face on and off the ice. She has covered a wide range of topics, from the Stanley Cup Finals to the unique challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic on the NHL’s operations. Her work highlights the dedication and mental resilience of NHL players during these challenging times.

Before her tenure at ESPN, Emily Kaplan worked as a staff writer for Sports Illustrated from 2014 to 2017. Her career journey also includes a role as a Sports Intern at the Boston Globe in 2013, serving as a stringer at the Associated Press from 2010 to 2013, and a role as a Penn State Football Reporter at The Philadelphia Inquirer from September 2012 to January 2013.

Personal Life

Emily Kaplan is a dedicated professional who prefers to keep her personal life out of the spotlight. She has not publicly disclosed information about her marital status, whether she is married, has children, or is romantically involved with anyone. Her primary focus remains on her career in sports journalism, and she is best known for her insightful reporting on the NHL.

Net Worth

Given her successful career in journalism, Emily Kaplan has undoubtedly built a solid financial foundation. While exact figures are often kept private, her estimated net worth is around $3 million. This financial success reflects her hard work and dedication to her craft and has contributed to her rising fame in the industry.

Interesting Facts

  • During her ninth grade, Emily began working on freelance stories for her hometown’s weekly paper, “The Montclair Times.” Despite being under 18, she was already earning around $12 per article for her contributions.
  • Emily’s love for hockey started at the tender age of 6. Her father played a significant role in nurturing this passion as they watched hockey games together, with the New York Rangers as their favorite team.
  • One of Emily’s favorite summer destinations as a child was her grandfather’s house on Cape Cod, New England. This tradition began when her grandfather built a house there in his 60s, and the family continued to visit during the summer. Emily fondly recalls the serenity of spending summers in New England at her grandfather’s house.

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In summary, Emily Kaplan’s journey from being a dedicated hockey fan to becoming a respected sports journalist is truly inspiring. Her commitment to her work, coupled with her strong educational background and her ability to connect with the world of the NHL, have made her a recognizable and respected figure in the industry. While she keeps her personal life private, her professional achievements continue to solidify her prominent status in the world of sports journalism.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Emily Kaplan? Emily Kaplan’s dedication and talent soon caught the attention of major publications, leading her to join The Boston Globe before ultimately landing a position at Sports Illustrated in 2014. After spending three years at Sports Illustrated, Kaplan found her home at ESPN, where she currently serves as an NHL reporter.

Where is Emily Kaplan from? Emily Kaplan hails from New Jersey, United States.

Why was Emily Kaplan out of breath? Emily Kaplan was on the concourse a minute before her interview. She ran down a flight of stairs and onto the ice just in time. That’s why she was out of breath, as I am told.

Who is Emily Kaplan announcer? HOCKEY reporter Emily Kaplan has become one of the faces of the NHL. Kaplan is set to star for ESPN as she covers the Draft live from Nashville, Tennessee on June 28 and 29. Originally from New Jersey, Kaplan graduated from Penn State in 2013 with a degree in journalism.

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