Big O Tires Insurance: Drive Safely and Confidently

Drive Safely and Confidently with Big O Tires Insurance : Big O Tires Insurance stands as a comprehensive solution tailored exclusively for patrons of Big O Tires. This insurance shield ensures peace of mind and financial security in the face of unforeseen mishaps and vehicle-related emergencies. Whether it’s safeguarding your tires, providing roadside assistance, or covering damages, Big O Tires Insurance has got you covered.

Unmatched Protection and Assurance

With Big O Tires Insurance, you can breathe easy, assured of a dependable and esteemed insurance companion. Regardless of whether you’re a regular commuter or an occasional road-trip enthusiast, possessing adequate insurance coverage is imperative. Big O Tires Insurance extends various benefits and coverage options to keep you safeguarded.

Trusted Assistance at Your Fingertips

Investing in Big O Tires Insurance grants you access to a network of accredited service providers and repair workshops. Should an unfortunate incident unfold—be it a punctured tire or a vehicle breakdown—professional aid is just a call away, available 24/7. This ensures prompt assistance wherever and whenever you need it.

Comprehensive Tire Coverage

Big O Tires Insurance doesn’t just stop at roadside assistance; it extends to covering tire-related damages as well. Tire repairs can often incur substantial costs, be it from punctures, blowouts, or sidewall damages. With Big O Tires Insurance, you can find solace knowing that expenses pertaining to repairing or replacing damaged tires are accounted for, alleviating unexpected financial strains.

Protection Beyond the Road

In addition to tire coverage and roadside assistance, Big O Tires Insurance offers a safety net against theft, vandalism, and other vehicular damages. This comprehensive coverage ensures financial protection in the face of adversity, allowing you to focus on swiftly resuming your journey.

What’s Covered by Big O Tires Insurance?

Discover the array of services and repairs covered under Big O Tires Insurance to uphold your vehicle’s safety and performance:

  • Tire Protection: Covering damages incurred by road hazards such as nails, potholes, and debris.
  • Wheel Protection: Shielding against damage to wheels caused by road hazards.
  • Brake Repair: Assistance with brake repairs and replacements.
  • Alignment Coverage: Ensuring proper wheel alignment for safe driving.
  • Roadside Assistance: Round-the-clock support for emergencies.
  • Battery Replacement: Coverage for battery replacement costs.
  • Fluids and Filters: Replacement of essential fluids and filters for vehicle maintenance.

Understanding Big O Tires Insurance Plans

Familiarize yourself with the range of insurance plans provided by Big O Tires to make informed decisions regarding your coverage needs:

  • Tire Protection Plan: Safeguarding against road hazards to ensure tire longevity.
  • Roadside Assistance: Providing valuable support during roadside emergencies.
  • Wheel Alignment Coverage: Preserving vehicle alignment and suspension for optimal performance.
  • Curb Damage Protection: Covering repair costs due to accidental curb damage.
  • Transferable Coverage: Mobility of insurance plans even upon vehicle sale.

Comparing Big O Tires Insurance Options

Evaluate the diverse insurance options offered by Big O Tires to identify the most suitable choice for your requirements:

  • Tire Protection Plan: Specialized coverage for tire-related issues.
  • Wheel Protection Plan: Safeguarding the aesthetic appeal of your wheels.
  • Windshield Protection Plan: Shielding against windshield damages.
  • Roadside Assistance Plan: Round-the-clock emergency support.

Tips for Maximizing Your Big O Tires Insurance Benefits

Optimize your Big O Tires Insurance benefits with these helpful strategies:

  • Understand Your Coverage: Thoroughly review and comprehend your insurance policy.
  • Regular Maintenance: Prioritize regular vehicle maintenance to prevent potential issues.
  • Prompt Reporting: Notify your insurance provider promptly in the event of an incident.
  • Follow Procedures: Adhere to the stipulated procedures when filing an insurance claim.
  • Seek Authorized Services: Utilize trusted repair services recommended by Big O Tires.

Debunking Misconceptions About Big O Tires Insurance

Dispelling common misconceptions to clarify the advantages of Big O Tires Insurance:

  • Fact: Covers a wide range of automotive issues, not just tire-related problems.
  • Fact: Available for both new and used tires.
  • Fact: Offers reasonable and affordable coverage options.
  • Fact: Provides additional coverage that standard auto insurance may lack.
  • Fact: Designed to be easily understandable, with support available for queries.

The Benefits of Big O Tires Insurance

Discover the multitude of benefits associated with choosing Big O Tires Insurance:

  • Wide Range of Coverage Options: Tailored coverage to suit individual needs.
  • Quality Repairs: Access to certified repair shops for high-quality service.
  • Roadside Assistance: Reliable support during emergencies.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Convenient payment plans to fit your budget.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Knowledgeable and friendly assistance.
  • Discounts and Rewards: Opportunities to save on insurance premiums.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Big O Tires Insurance

Key factors to ponder upon when selecting insurance for your Big O Tires:

  • Coverage Options: Ensure comprehensive coverage aligned with your needs.
  • Cost: Compare premiums for cost-effective options without compromising on coverage.
  • Deductibles: Determine suitable deductibles considering your financial situation.
  • Claims Process: Assess the efficiency and reliability of the claims handling process.
  • Customer Service: Prioritize insurers known for excellent customer service.
  • Experience and Expertise: Opt for insurers familiar with the automotive industry and its unique risks.
  • Financial Stability: Verify the financial stability of the insurance company for reliability.

By carefully considering these factors, you can confidently select the ideal insurance coverage for your Big O Tires, ensuring protection and peace of mind on the road.

Is Big O Tire Protection Plan Worth It?

The consensus on Reddit about the Big O Tire Protection Plan is mixed but generally leans towards it being worth it under certain conditions:

  1. Frequent Drivers: If you drive a lot, especially in areas prone to rough roads or construction, the plan might save you money in the long run. Frequent tire replacements or repairs can add up, and the protection plan can cover unexpected costs.
  2. Peace of Mind: Many Reddit users highlight the peace of mind that comes with knowing your tires are covered for a range of issues including road hazards. This can be particularly valuable if you’re not keen on dealing with unexpected expenses or the hassle of tire issues.
  3. Comparative Costs: Some users compare it to other warranties and find that while the cost might be higher upfront, the coverage tends to be more comprehensive than other plans. This can include benefits like free tire rotations, flat repairs, and prorated replacements.
  4. Location Matters: The value of the plan can depend on where you live. In regions with harsh weather or poor road conditions, the likelihood of tire damage increases, making the plan more beneficial.
  5. Alternative Options: Some Redditors suggest that alternative tire warranties or even just opting for a good set of durable tires can be a better investment depending on your driving habits and location.

Overall, many find it worthwhile, especially if you value convenience and extended coverage for various tire-related issues .

Does Big O Warranty Their Work?

Yes, Big O Tires provides warranties for their work. They offer various warranties depending on the service provided, including:

  1. Tire Service Warranty: This generally includes coverage for tire repair and replacement due to defects in materials or workmanship. They also offer a prorated tire replacement for issues not caused by manufacturing defects.
  2. Service Warranty: For services beyond tires, such as brake or alignment services, they typically provide warranties that cover their work for a specified period or mileage, ensuring that any issues resulting from their service will be addressed without additional cost to the customer.
  3. Satisfaction Guarantee: Big O Tires often promotes a satisfaction guarantee, indicating that if you’re not satisfied with the service, they will work to make it right .

Who Makes Big O Tires in the USA?

Big O Tires doesn’t manufacture their own tires; instead, they source them from various established tire manufacturers. Some of the key companies that produce tires for Big O in the USA include:

  1. Cooper Tire & Rubber Company: They are one of the primary manufacturers for Big O Tires. Cooper is known for producing quality tires and has a strong presence in the tire manufacturing industry in the USA.
  2. Goodyear: Another significant supplier, Goodyear is a well-known brand in the tire industry and provides a range of tire options for Big O.
  3. Other Manufacturers: Depending on the specific tire model, Big O might also source tires from other manufacturers to meet diverse customer needs. This helps them offer a broad selection that can cater to various types of vehicles and driving conditions .

Big O Tires Customer Service Phone Number

If you need to contact Big O Tires for customer service, you can reach their National Consumer Relations Department at:

Phone Number: 1-866-834-2652

Alternatively, you can also contact them by filling out a form available on their website for addressing your concerns, comments, or praise .

For any service-related queries or to get more specific information, it’s recommended to contact your local Big O Tires store directly, as they might provide more tailored assistance based on your location and specific needs.


  1. What does Big O Tires Insurance cover?
    • Big O Tires Insurance covers various services and repairs, including tire protection, roadside assistance, brake repair, wheel alignment, battery replacement, and fluids/filters replacement.
  2. How can I maximize my Big O Tires Insurance benefits?
    • To maximize your benefits, it’s essential to understand your coverage, stay up-to-date with regular vehicle maintenance, promptly report any incidents to your insurance provider, follow the recommended procedures when filing a claim, and seek authorized repair services.
  3. What are the different insurance plans offered by Big O Tires?
    • Big O Tires offers insurance plans such as the Tire Protection Plan, Roadside Assistance, Wheel Alignment Coverage, Curb Damage Protection, and Transferable Coverage. Each plan is tailored to address specific needs and concerns of vehicle owners.
  4. Are there any misconceptions about Big O Tires Insurance?
    • Yes, there are common misconceptions, such as the belief that Big O Tires insurance only covers tire-related issues or is only available for new tires. However, the insurance also covers various automotive issues, including used tires, and is designed to be easily understandable with support available for queries.

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