Are Cody Ko and Noel Miller Still Friends?

Yes, Cody Ko and Noel Miller continue to maintain their friendship, even as their professional paths diverge. The enduring bond between the two is evident through mutual respect and occasional collaborations, demonstrating a friendship that withstands the test of time.

The Journey of Cody Ko

From Vine Sensation to YouTube Star

Born on November 22, 1990, in Canada, Cody Michael Kolodziejzyk, known as Cody Ko, first gained recognition on Vine in 2013. His transition to YouTube in 2014 marked the beginning of a remarkable journey.

YouTube Stardom and Beyond

Cody Ko’s YouTube presence is nothing short of extraordinary, boasting five channels with over 9.37 million subscribers and 1.86 billion views. His unfiltered comedic style shines through in series like “That’s Cringe” and the satirical “How to” series.

Beyond YouTube: The Podcast and Personal Milestones

Venturing beyond the platform, Cody Ko co-hosts the podcast “Off the Rails” with Noel Miller, reaching the Apple Podcasts Top 50 chart and earning award nominations. In 2023, Cody Ko celebrated his marriage to Kelsey Kreppel and the birth of their first child.

Unraveling the Enigma: Noel Miller

From Vine to YouTube: Noel’s Unique Comedy

Born on August 19, 1989, in Toronto, Canada, Noel Miller embarked on his comedy journey on Vine in 2013, transitioning to YouTube in 2014. His distinct brand of humor is evident in series like “Bad Ideas” and the satirical “Dear YouTube.”

Collaborations and Accolades

Noel Miller collaborates with Cody Ko on the podcast “Tiny Meat Gang,” another hit reaching the Apple Podcasts Top 50 chart. Like Cody Ko, Noel’s innovative comedy has earned features in Forbes, Rolling Stone, and The New York Times. In 2023, Noel Miller married Alysha Acosta and welcomed their first child.

The Evolution of Friendship

Shared Ventures (2014-2021)

Cody Ko and Noel Miller’s camaraderie flourished through collaborative YouTube series like “That’s Cringe” and the success of the “Tiny Meat Gang” podcast.

Individual Paths (2021 Onwards)

Recent years have seen Cody Ko pursuing music and fitness, while Noel Miller focuses on stand-up comedy and family life.

Current Dynamics and Mutual Respect

Despite their separate journeys, both emphasize their enduring friendship, with occasional appearances on each other’s channels. Their bond, though evolving, remains grounded in mutual respect.

Personal Milestones in 2023

Both Cody Ko and Noel Miller celebrated significant personal milestones in 2023. Cody Ko tied the knot with Kelsey Kreppel, becoming a parent, while Noel Miller marked eight years with Alysha Acosta, also getting married and becoming a parent.

In Conclusion

Cody Ko and Noel Miller, once inseparable creative partners, have taken divergent paths in recent years. Yet, their enduring friendship, built on mutual respect, prevails. As they navigate personal and professional growth, their individual successes enrich their shared history, leaving fans hopeful for potential future collaborations.


Did Cody Ko and Noel Miller work together?

Yes, Cody Ko and Noel Miller collaborated extensively on various projects, co-hosting the popular podcast “Tiny Meat Gang” and working together on YouTube series like “That’s Cringe.” However, recent years have seen them pursuing individual projects while maintaining their friendship.

What does Cody Ko do on YouTube?

Cody Ko is a renowned YouTuber known for his comedic content, including reaction videos, satirical commentary on internet trends, and humorous “How-to” guides. His diverse range of content has contributed to his massive following.

How old is Cody Ko?

Cody Ko was born on November 22, 1990, making him 32 years old.

How old is Noel Miller?

Noel Miller was born on August 19, 1989, making him 34 years old.

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