OpenArt AI Review: Is It Worth Using This Free AI Art Generator?

Imagine being able to explore more than 10 million AI-generated art pieces with just a click.1 You can do exactly that with OpenArt AI. It’s a platform crafted by former Google employees from San Francisco. This innovative, free AI art generator uses OpenAI technology, such as DALL-E 3. It turns simple text into stunning visual art.2

For an artist like me, discovering OpenArt AI was like finding a treasure. They start you off with 1,000 free credits when you join. This allows you to make many different artworks.2 You can create between one and four images at once, spending one credit per image.2 Plus, being part of the OpenArt AI Discord community means you can get 100 free credits daily. This is a huge benefit, especially when compared to other services like NightCafe, which only offer 5 credits each day.2

OpenArt AI shines with a simple-to-use platform. It’s perfect for any level of skill, whether you’re starting out or a pro. They provide over 100 models and styles, with 19 programs and 4 just for anime art.2 This means you can try out a huge variety of creative styles. From hyper-realistic to completely abstract, the choices are endless.

What makes OpenArt AI stand out is its ‘limitless creativity’ focus. Here, you don’t always need prompts, and your ideas can flow freely. Their ‘Magic Edit’ feature also allows for tweaking your creations. This makes OpenArt AI a top pick for all kinds of creatives. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or marketer, it’s a great tool to have in your pocket.

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Key Takeaways

  • OpenArt AI offers 1,000 free credits upon sign-up, allowing users to generate a substantial number of images.
  • The platform provides 100 free credits per day through its Discord channel, significantly more than competitors.
  • OpenArt AI features over 100 models and 19 creation programs, including 4 tailored for anime art.
  • The platform’s “boundary-free creativity” approach and built-in editing tools make it user-friendly for both beginners and experienced artists.
  • OpenArt AI’s versatility and suitability for a range of creative professionals make it a compelling choice for AI-powered art generation.

What is OpenArt AI?

OpenArt AI is a platform that creates art using AI. It was started by former Googlers in San Francisco. They use top-notch machine learning tech, like OpenAI’s DALL-E 3, to turn words into beautiful, unique art pieces.3

Developed by Ex-Googlers in San Francisco

A skilled team of ex-Googlers made this platform. They are experts in AI and creative tech.4

AI Art Generator Using OpenAI’s Machine Learning Algorithms

OpenArt AI is powered by OpenAI’s advanced algorithms. These include the DALL-E 3 model. They make stunning, lifelike images from simple text cues.3

Over 100 Models and Styles, Including DALL-E 3

This platform has over 100 models and styles to pick from. You can choose from realistic to abstract or even anime-inspired art. It’s a playground for creativity.4

Key Highlights of OpenArt AI

OpenArt AI stands out with an easy-to-use design for both new and skilled artists.5 It includes “Magic Edit,” letting users perfect their art. The tool is known for letting creativity flow without set prompts.5 This sets OpenArt AI apart from tools that need text to create images.

User-Friendly Interface for All Skill Levels

This AI tool is made for artists at any stage.5 It’s packed with video guides and prompts to help everyone make inspiring art.5

Suitable for Beginners and Experienced Artists

It fits both those just starting and those with lots of experience. The simple design and extra tools let everyone find their creative path with AI.

Built-in Editing Tool: Magic Edit

The “Magic Edit” tool is a highlight of OpenArt AI. It lets artists tweak their work to match their vision.5 With this tool, anyone can make their art just right, making it perfect for all artists.

Boundary-Free Creativity with Optional Prompts

OpenArt AI doesn’t limit users with predefined prompts.5 This means you can make art that comes straight from your imagination. It’s great for those who want to freely explore their creativity.

openart ai features

OpenArt AI Features

OpenArt AI gives you tools to create, edit, and improve your digital art. You can make high-quality pictures from written ideas thanks to the free AI image generator. It lets you pick from 100+ models and styles.5 Also, you can teach the AI to make art that matches your unique style. This makes your creative work more personal.5

Free AI Image Generator

The free AI image generator in OpenArt AI lets you turn words into beautiful pictures. You can choose from over 100 models and styles. This means you can find the perfect look for your creative project.5

Train Models for Custom Artistic Styles

What sets OpenArt AI apart is the option to train your own art models. You can upload 4 to 128 pictures to make a style that’s all your own. This helps you create unique art that reflects your personal vision.5

Sketch to Image Transformation

OpenArt AI can turn your sketches into detailed, lifelike images. It bridges the gap between your paper drawings and digital art, offering new creative opportunities.5

Image Upscaler

The image upscaler in OpenArt AI makes images bigger without losing quality. It’s great for improving picture resolution whether you’re printing or displaying digitally.5

Variations and Anime Character Creator

With OpenArt AI, you can make new versions of your images and design anime characters. These tools help you explore different artistic styles and realize anime-inspired ideas.5

Stock Image Transformer and Custom People Stock Photos

OpenArt AI lets you change stock images to meet your needs. You can also make your own stock photos of people. This is perfect for creating unique visuals for your work.4

Artistic AI QR Code Generator

OpenArt AI’s QR code generator lets you make QR codes that look amazing. There are 20 styles to pick from. This makes your QR codes not only functional but also visually appealing.4

OpenArt AI is perfect for anyone who loves digital art. Its many features help you be more creative and stand out.5

Exploring OpenArt AI’s Free AI Image Generator

OpenArt AI has a special tool, the free AI image generator. It turns text into amazing art.5 The site offers over 100 models and styles for users to pick from. Each one has its look and way of creating art.5 When using the AI, choosing the right words is important. OpenArt AI helps by offering a Prompt Book. It guides users on what to write for the best results.4

Choosing Models and Styles

OpenArt AI gives a lot of models and styles to play with.5 It’s made easy to navigate, good for both newbies and experts. It helps everyone get creative.5

Writing Effective Prompts

To get great art from OpenArt AI, the prompts you use must be good.4 The site offers a Prompt Book to guide you. It gives tips and examples to make your art stand out.4

Using Negative Prompts and Image Guidance

OpenArt AI has cool features like negative prompts and image guidance. They let users control what their art looks like.4 You can tell the AI what not to include and help it understand what style you want.4

Adjusting Settings for Optimal Results

Users can tweak the settings to make the art even better.4 Changing things like prompt adherence and aspect ratio gives more control. It lets users make the art their own.5

openart ai image generator

OpenArt AI Review: It Is Worth to use Free AI Art Generator?

This review looks into OpenArt AI to see if it’s good for making art. It’s easy to use with over 100 art models and styles.5 It comes with special editing tools and lets you make images without any delays.25 However, it has limits in the free version,4 and the images it creates might not be perfect.

Pros and Cons of OpenArt AI

OpenArt AI is different from other AI art makers. It lets you do a lot, like train your own model and turn sketches into detailed art.54 It’s easy for everyone to use and has great tools for creating art.4

Comparison with Other AI Art Generators

Even with its limits, OpenArt AI is a standout. It’s easy to use, has lots of art styles, and offers advanced editing.254 It turns sketches into fine art, lets you train your own models, and gives freedom in creating. This makes it a great choice for those wanting to explore AI art.

FeatureOpenArt AIOther AI Art Generators
User-Friendly Interface✔️4Varies
Model and Style Selection100+5Typically fewer options
Editing CapabilitiesAdvanced, including “Magic Edit”254Limited editing tools
Sketch-to-Image Transformation✔️5Not as widely available
Custom Model Training✔️54Typically not offered
Prompt-Free Creativity✔️25Generally more prompt-dependent

OpenArt AI offers great tools for creating art. It has a wide selection of styles and lets you edit in advanced ways. It’s good for artists and designers who want to use AI for art. While it has some downsides, its unique qualities make it a strong choice in the AI art generator world.

Tips and Tricks for Using OpenArt AI

OpenArt AI becomes much more powerful when users know some tips and tricks. Crafting good text prompts is key to getting great images.5 The platform has a Prompt Book full of tips and examples. It makes it easier for users to create the best prompts that stir the AI’s creativity.6 Besides, there’s a vibrant OpenArt AI community. They share prompt templates, apps, and new ways to make images.6 By using these tools and advice, users can learn a lot and find innovative ways to use AI in art.

Prompt Engineering Techniques

Knowing how to write a good prompt is essential for amazing AI art. You should think about the art style, colors, light, and how things are placed in the picture.6 The order of words in your prompt matters. It can change the final image a lot. They say it’s good to put the main ideas first.6 Looking at what other AI artists have done can also help. You might get some tips on how to make better prompts for AI art.6

Utilizing the Prompt Book and Community Resources

The OpenArt AI Prompt Book is full of advice and samples. It’s there to help users make better prompts and let the AI show its creativity.5 Also, joining communities on Reddit and Discord can be really useful. You can share ideas with others and see their work and prompts. This is a great way to get inspired and learn from different artists.6

Pricing and Subscription Plans

OpenArt AI has many pricing options to fit different users’ needs and budgets. You can explore the platform with a free trial that gives you 500 credits.5 These credits let you make images, use editing tools, and try out different AI models.

Free Trial and Credits

If you need more from OpenArt AI, there are paid plans available. They come with more credits and special features.7 This makes the platform good for both beginners and pros who want to use AI in creating art.

Paid Subscription Options

Subscription PlanPrice

Looking at different AI art tools, like Midjourney8 and Canva’s AI art8, you’ll find various prices. They range from free plans to more costly subscriptions. Jasper Art8, NightCafe8, and even Designs.ai8 offer different options too. This helps people with various budgets.


In conclusion, OpenArt AI stands out as a top choice for AI art generation and editing. It is designed for both newcomers and seasoned artists. The interface is easy to use, and it offers powerful AI models and a full set of tools. This makes it perfect for diving into the world of AI art.1

Final Thoughts on OpenArt AI

The free version of OpenArt AI has its limits, but its paid plans open up more creativity.1 For artists, designers, marketers, and those wanting to use AI in their work, OpenArt AI is a game-changer.1

Recommendation for Artists and Creators

If you’re into digital art and cutting-edge design, OpenArt AI is a must-try. It allows for model customization and has a strong community.1 This tool is versatile and accessible, helping all sorts of creative folks find new ways to express themselves. It’s a great way to innovate in art.


What is OpenArt AI?

OpenArt AI is a cool platform made by ex-Googlers in San Francisco. It uses OpenAI’s powerful tech, like DALL-E 3, to turn words into art. You can pick from over 100 models and styles to make your own artworks.

What are the key highlights of OpenArt AI?

The highlights include an easy-to-use design for all and a special “Magic Edit” tool. This tool lets you tweak your art. OpenArt AI also lets your creativity fly without limits, making every idea possible.

What features does OpenArt AI offer?

OpenArt AI has a lot to offer. It has a free image maker, lets you train your own models, turns sketches into full art, and more. You can even make anime characters or artistic QR codes.

How does the free AI image generator in OpenArt AI work?

The heart of OpenArt AI is its image maker. Just describe what you want and it turns into awesome art. You can pick from many models and styles. Then, you can fine-tune your art to look just right.

Is OpenArt AI worth using as a free AI art generator?

Yes, OpenArt AI is great for anyone interested in AI art. It’s simple to use with many models to try. The editing tools and freedom to create without strict rules are big pluses. There are even more tools for paid users.

What tips and tricks can users leverage to get the most out of OpenArt AI?

To really use OpenArt AI well, try playing with prompts and the Prompt Book. Check out what others have done for inspiration. There are cool apps and tips out there from the community.

What are the pricing options for OpenArt AI?

You can start with a free trial to see if you like it. This comes with 500 credits. If you need more, there are paid plans with more features. These are good for anyone, from fun creators to serious artists.

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