Heidi Ho Cheese Bio, Net Worth, Where to buy, Cheese

Heidi Ho Cheese Bio, Net Worth, Where to buy, Cheese, Ingredients, Shark Tank

The Rise of Heidi Ho Cheese on Shark Tank

Heidi Ho Cheese, a notable player in the plant-based cheese market, gained significant attention after its appearance on “Shark Tank” in Season 6, Episode 9. Co-founder Heidi Lovig made an impressive pitch that secured a deal in just five minutes, one of the fastest in the show’s history. This article delves into Heidi Ho’s net worth, where to buy their products, the ingredients used, and the story behind their rise and fall.

Heidi Ho’s Journey to Shark Tank Success

Heidi Lovig’s journey into veganism began in Hawaii, where she managed an eco-hostel and an organic farm. Her culinary education at Le Cordon Bleu and her experience designing a vegan menu for a Portland restaurant led her to realize the lack of quality vegan cheese options. Most available products were either heavily processed or contained low-quality ingredients like artificial flavorings and starch.

When Lovig pitched Heidi Ho on “Shark Tank,” the company was already available in four Whole Foods Market regions and had plans to expand to five more. Lovig sought a $125,000 investment for 20% equity to support this growth. The company’s lifetime sales of $245,000 and the superior taste of their cheese won over Lori Greiner, who offered $125,000 for 30% equity, a deal Lovig eagerly accepted.

Heidi Ho Cheese: Expansion and Setbacks

After the “Shark Tank” appearance, Heidi Ho’s sales surged, prompting a move to a larger production facility and an increase in staff. The plant-based cheeses became available in Costco, and new flavors like smoked bourbon and beer-infused “cheeze” dips were introduced. In 2018, the company secured additional investment from Blue Horizon Corporation, signaling promising growth.

However, the company faced significant challenges in the following years. As of now, Heidi Ho’s website is inactive, and there has been no social media activity since August 2020, indicating that the business may have ceased operations. In a social media post celebrating the company’s tenth anniversary, Lovig hinted at the difficulties leading up to 2020, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ingredients Behind Heidi Ho Cheese

Heidi Ho’s plant-based cheeses stood out due to their high-quality, organic ingredients. Lovig’s commitment to creating nutritious and delicious vegan cheese led her to use a variety of wholesome ingredients. The cheeses were made from organic nuts, vegetables, and a blend of herbs and spices, providing a healthier alternative to traditional cheese without compromising on taste.

Where to Buy Heidi Ho Cheese

While Heidi Ho’s cheeses were once available in major retailers like Whole Foods and Costco, their current availability is uncertain due to the company’s apparent closure. However, plant-based cheese enthusiasts can find similar products in health food stores and online marketplaces that specialize in vegan products.

Heidi Ho’s Impact on the Plant-Based Cheese Market

Despite the company’s apparent closure, Heidi Ho made a significant impact on the plant-based cheese market. Their appearance on “Shark Tank” brought attention to the demand for high-quality vegan cheese, encouraging other companies to innovate and improve their offerings. The legacy of Heidi Ho Cheese remains as a pioneer in providing delicious, plant-based alternatives to traditional dairy products.


Heidi Ho Cheese’s journey from a small startup to a “Shark Tank” success story is a testament to the potential of plant-based foods in the market. Although the company faced challenges that led to its closure, its impact on the vegan cheese industry is undeniable. As more consumers seek healthier and sustainable food options, the legacy of Heidi Ho Cheese continues to inspire new innovations in the plant-based market.

For those interested in exploring more about the journey of plant-based companies on “Shark Tank,” Heidi Ho’s story is a perfect example of the challenges and successes that come with innovating in the food industry.

Heidi Ho Cheese Shark Tank

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