How to Remove My AI on Snapchat and Regain Control of Your Experience

Snapchat, the popular social media platform, introduced a new feature called My AI, which utilizes artificial intelligence to create personalized experiences for users. While My AI can be entertaining and engaging for some, others may prefer to disable it for various reasons. If you’re looking to delete My AI on Snapchat from your phone, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to remove My AI from the Snapchat app, so you can regain control of your Snapchat experience.

Understanding My AI on Snapchat

Before we delve into the deletion process, let’s take a moment to understand what My AI is on Snapchat. My AI, also known as My Artificial Intelligence, is a feature that utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning to analyze your preferences, behaviors, and interactions on the platform. It then tailors the content and suggestions you see on Snapchat, such as filters, stickers, lenses, and recommendations, to align with your interests and usage patterns.

Removing My AI from Your Snapchat

To remove My AI from your Snapchat app, you can follow these step-by-step instructions:

Method 1:

  1. Open Snapchat: Locate the Snapchat app on your smartphone’s home screen or app drawer and tap on it to open the application.
  2. Access Settings: Once you’re in the Snapchat app, navigate to your profile by tapping on the profile icon located at the top-left corner of the camera screen. From there, you’ll see a settings icon, usually represented by a gear or three vertical dots. Tap on it to access the Snapchat settings.
  3. Find Privacy Controls: Scroll down the settings menu until you find the “Privacy Controls” option. Tap on it to proceed.
  4. Clear Data: In the Privacy Controls section, locate and select the “Clear Data” option. This will allow you to manage the data associated with your Snapchat account.
  5. Clear Conversations: After selecting “Clear Data,” you will see an option called “Clear Conversations.” Tap on it to access your chat conversations.
  6. Remove My AI: In the Clear Conversations menu, you will see a list of your chat conversations. Look for the conversation that has My AI enabled and tap the “X” next to it to remove it from your chat feed. This action will disable My AI for that specific conversation.

Alternatively, you can use the following steps to remove My AI from a specific chat conversation within the Snapchat app:

Method 2:

  1. Open Snapchat: Launch the Snapchat app on your smartphone.
  2. Access Chat Feed: Swipe right from the camera screen to access the chat feed, where your conversations are listed.
  3. Locate the Chat Conversation: Scroll through the chat conversations and find the specific conversation from which you want to remove My AI.
  4. Long-press the Chat Conversation: Press and hold the chat conversation until a menu appears.
  5. Select “More” Option: In the menu, select the “More” option. This will provide you with additional settings for the selected conversation.
  6. Access Chat Settings: From the additional options, tap on “Settings” to access the chat settings for that conversation.
  7. Disable My AI: In the chat settings, look for the “My AI” option. Toggle off the “My AI” switch to disable it for that specific chat conversation.

Please note that the steps provided in this guide are accurate at the time of writing, but Snapchat’s interface and settings may change over time. If you encounter any difficulties or the steps mentioned above do not match your Snapchat app’s current layout, you can visit Snapchat’s support page for the most up-to-date instructions on how to remove My AI from your phone.


In conclusion, if you wish to delete My AI on Snapchat from your phone, you can follow the steps outlined above. By disabling My AI, you can customize your Snapchat experience according to your preferences and regain control over the content and suggestions you see on the platform. Enjoy exploring Snapchat without the personalized AI features if that aligns better with your social media experience.

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