These 10 Apps Pay You for Unlock Your Phone - Make Money Easily 

1. S’more One of the most famous lock screen apps, S'More, lets you have to earn points towards the awards by choosing advertising and other materials on your lock screen.

2. ScreenLift You just have to install the app and use it to personalize your home screen. Every time you open your phone, you earn "lift". $ 1 equal to 1500 lifts.

3. Mint Screen Mint screen offers a scrolling feed of news and trends on your lock screen, as well as you can use new wallpaper

4. Slidejoy Use their Slidejoy lock screen and every time you congratulate with an advertisement, from where you can swipe right to return what you were doing.

5. MYTOZ MYTOZ is a neat way to passively earn points toward fun rewards. You basically get paid for viewing ads. Even if you don't click on the ad or watch it for a long time,

6. ScreenKarma ScreenKarma, which adds points to your account for showing ads on your lock screen. Pay on it is not as high as other sites, but it can do well

7. Snore You can earn bonus points by referring friends or choosing websites to follow, which will appear on your lock screen's feed.

The pay will never be enough to make a living, obviously, but I'm a strong believer that every extra penny can really help.