Make money with recycling plastic here is how?

If you live in a state that has a bottle collection law, you can make money by recycling plastic bottles.

In California, you can get 5¢ for containers that are less than 24 oz. and 10¢ for containers that are 24 oz. and more and more.

In Connecticut, you can receive payment for any can, bottle, jar or carton made of plastic, glass or metal. HDPE containers are excluded. You can earn 5¢ per container.

Hawaii will pay you cash for any container up to 68 oz. Made of plastic, aluminum, bimetallic, or glass. You can earn 5¢ per container.

In New York, you can pay 5¢ for any bottle, can, or jar that is less than a gallon and is made of plastic, steel, glass, metal, or aluminum.

A local business pays you to take away their plastic. You take said plastic to the recycling center where they dispose of it.

if you have 50 plastic containers to recycle, you will earn $2.50 in a state that pays 5 cents per container and $5 in a state that pays 10 cents per container. pays.