How to SEO for Google Web Stories to Get in Discover Fast

Web Stories of some people are becoming very popular and some people are not getting even Web Stories Index

First of all, you have to see whether the web stories you are creating is AMP valid or not, if it is then it is a good thing

We have to give proper meta data so that Google Crawler can know about your web stories It should be easy to understand

Keep your title up to 90 characters and if you want to make SEO friendly  title then keep it at least then it is better as 70 character is best.

In publishing web stories, you must write your author name, this is a one time setting on your blogger or wordpress

To publish web stories, it is very important to have your publisher logo this will be the branding of your own blog.

The more simple the poster image is, the more attractive it is that you should not use too much text in the poster image.

Write meta description which google has better information about your web stories, what the web story is about.

Be it the success of your blog or to make your web stories popular, the hosting of your blog should be correct.