6 Easy Way

to Earn Money in  OLX App

1. Sale Your Product

Easy way to earn money from Olx Selling your own product, you can earn good money by selling your own stuff.

2. By Selling Others Product

By putting someone else's product in your account and telling about that person, you can earn commission by selling his goods.

3. By renting a house

If you have a house, then you want to rent your house with the help of Olx, then this will be a very good way.

4. Paying the vehicle rent

You can also earn good money by renting your vehicle with the help of Olx

5. By doing job in Olx

You can also earn a lot of money by doing a job in Olx, you get to see all kinds of jobs in Olx.

6. By giving service

If you work as a mechanic, then customers can contact you and call you to their homes, then if you can earn money by giving service through Olx.