Dog Lovers Can Make Money with These 6 Ways

1. Take a walk.

Rover App is a dog walking and pet sitting website that connects qualified dog walkers with pet owners.

2. Make your dog Instagram famous.

Dogs and their owners can make money on Instagram by using and taking advantage of sponsored posts, free swag.

3. Start a pet blog.

You can make money from your dog by starting a blog for them. This doggy side hustle is tough to execute, but can be worth the effort.

4. Sell photos of your dog on a site.

If you have a quality camera there are stock photography sites like Shutterstock that will pay you for your photos.

5. Train your dog

Some agencies like Le Paws Agency, they required a trained dog for his television or in a print advertisement

6. Youtuber with Dog

Another way to make money online with your dog is to make videos of all his activities on YouTube.