If you want to edit your images for blog then you should use the Snapssed App. Snapseed is going to help you a lot in adding text to images

Google Analytics App

Google Analytics App is used to view real time activities. And you can monitor all the changes on your website


WordPress works for any WordPress blog. And the best part is this. That  you can create any type of post for your blog with WordPress

The Pocket App

You can easily save any type of video and any article in The Pocket App for future use

Blogger App

Popular free hosting platform of blogger. You can edit, publish your post, media on your mobile.

Twitter App

If you are a blogger then you have to share your content to social media for gaining traffic. The twitter is most use for it.

Google Docs

If you’re a blogger or writer, Docs is an essential writing and editing tool.We’ve been using Google Docs for content creation. 

Google Docs

If you’re a blogger, affiliate marketer or an SEO, you need a platform to build traffic, grow your audience the use quora