What is Agile Marketing? Types, Strategy Definition

Agile Marketing is a marketing method by which Agile Method is used while marketing.

It has a self-organized cross-functional team which keeps on working with constant feedback in repeated iteration.

In this, short, medium, and long term planning are kept in mind while formulating the strategy.

The Agile method is quite different from the traditional method, in that it: – Consistent release is focused on – is used intentionally – Unbelievable commitment to audience satisfaction

In the year 2012, the Agile Marketing Manifesto was created so that marketers can do marketing using the Agile method.

if you want to become a good Agile Marketer then you have to understand the characteristics of Agile Marketer.

There are 3 types of frameworks used to do Agile Marketing, Scrumban, Canban, and Scrum.