Nate Tibbetts: Phoenix Mercury’s New Head Coach and WNBA Game Changer

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In the ever-evolving world of basketball, monumental moments can redefine the game. The Phoenix Mercury has recently orchestrated such a transformative move by appointing Orlando Magic’s assistant coach, Nate Tibbetts, as their new head coach. However, this is no ordinary change; it’s a groundbreaking shift. With this decision, Nate Tibbetts is set to become the highest-paid coach in the history of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). This bold hiring decision marks a significant turning point not only for the Mercury but also for the entire WNBA. Let’s delve into the details and explore who Nate Tibbetts is and what this move means for the league.

Who is Nate Tibbetts?

Nate Tibbetts, the man of the hour, is no stranger to the world of basketball. His journey through the basketball landscape has been nothing short of extraordinary. He served as an assistant coach for the Orlando Magic from 2021, learning under the guidance of head coach Jamahl Mosley.

But Nate Tibbetts’ journey in the world of basketball didn’t start with the Magic, nor does it end there. Before his tenure with the Magic, he shared his coaching expertise with teams like the Portland Trail Blazers and the Cleveland Cavaliers. His impact wasn’t confined to the NBA; he also honed his skills in the G League, where he left his coaching footprint with the Tulsa 66ers and the Sioux Falls Skyforce.

A Change in Direction

Nate Tibbetts is now taking the helm of a Phoenix Mercury team that endured a challenging season, finishing at the league’s bottom with a 9-31 record. The team’s performance in the previous season prompted the departure of former coach Vanessa Nygaard, and the franchise decided not to retain interim coach Nikki Blue. This change signifies the Mercury’s determination to chart a new course and bring about a fresh start.

The Influence of General Manager Nick U’Ren

The decision to appoint Nate Tibbetts as the head coach didn’t happen in isolation. The new general manager, Nick U’Ren, played a pivotal role in this significant move. U’Ren, who joined the franchise during the previous summer, brings an impressive background in basketball operations, having spent nine years with the Golden State Warriors. Nate Tibbetts’ appointment as the head coach reflects the direction and vision that U’Ren brings to the Mercury.

Tibbetts’ Transition to the WNBA

While Nate Tibbetts boasts a wealth of experience in the NBA, the WNBA presents an uncharted territory for him. Assuming the role of head coach for the Mercury, he faces the challenge of adapting to the women’s game. However, this hiring aligns with a recent trend in the WNBA, where coaches with NBA backgrounds are making a significant impact. He joins the ranks of coaches like Becky Hammon and Teresa Weatherspoon, who have successfully transitioned from the NBA to the women’s league. Notably, Hammon and Weatherspoon have the added advantage of having been former WNBA players themselves.

Mat Ishbia’s Commitment to the Franchise

The hiring of Nate Tibbetts and the reported salary that accompanies it underscore the commitment of owner Mat Ishbia to the Mercury. Ishbia took over as the franchise’s owner in February and has been leaving no stone unturned to transform the Mercury into a powerhouse in the league. The Mercury recently announced plans for a state-of-the-art practice facility worth over $100 million, designed for both the Mercury and the Phoenix Suns. This ambitious move is set to raise the bar for facilities in the league, providing the team with world-class resources.

Nate Tibbetts Wikipedia

A New Approach to Broadcasting

In addition to significant investments in infrastructure, Mat Ishbia has made a groundbreaking announcement regarding broadcasting. Starting from the next season, the Mercury will broadcast their games for free on television and through a new service called Kiswe, moving away from Bally Sports Arizona. This change is expected to make the games more accessible to fans and expand the reach of the Mercury’s matches.

Hosting the 2024 WNBA All-Star Game

Another exciting development for the franchise is the opportunity to host the 2024 WNBA All-Star Game. This major event will shine a spotlight on the Mercury and bring fans from all over the league to celebrate the best players in the women’s game.

Offseason Questions for the Mercury

As the Mercury looks to bounce back from a challenging season, several key questions are on everyone’s minds:

Diana Taurasi’s Future: Diana Taurasi, a legendary figure in women’s basketball, is under contract for another season. Her commitment to the franchise is unwavering, and she had kind words for interim coach Nikki Blue. Taurasi believes that Blue has the qualities to be a great head coach, praising her ability to inspire and lead the team.

Brittney Griner’s Free Agency: Brittney Griner, a dominant force in the league, is a free agent. The good news for the Mercury is that she has expressed her intention to stay with the team next season. Her decision will be vital in shaping the Mercury’s future.

Skylar Diggins-Smith’s Status: Skylar Diggins-Smith took maternity leave during the past season, and her future with the Mercury is still uncertain. General Manager Nick U’Ren and the organization have remained tight-lipped about her status, leaving fans eager to know what’s next for this talented guard.

Notable Free Agents: In addition to Griner, there are other notable free agents on Mercury’s roster, including Shey Peddy, Megan Gustafson, and Sug Sutton. The decisions about these players will significantly impact the team’s composition for the next season.


The hiring of Nate Tibbetts as the new head coach of the Phoenix Mercury marks an exciting chapter in the franchise’s history. It also reflects the WNBA’s evolving landscape, with more coaches from the NBA making the leap to the women’s game. With Mat Ishbia’s significant investments in the franchise and the promise of a brighter future, the Mercury is poised to rebound and make its mark in the league once again. The 2024 WNBA All-Star Game, combined with the commitment of key players like Diana Taurasi and Brittney Griner, sets the stage for an exciting season ahead.

Nate Tibbetts’ journey and the changes taking place in the Mercury organization are making waves in the basketball world. It’s a story of transformation, new beginnings, and the ongoing evolution of the WNBA.

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